Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another Fall

On Thanksgiving eve, after a fellowship meal at church I was bit concerned about myself. After having cricks in my neck for weeks, carrying a big heavy bag, I could hardly lift my right arm! Scary! I took a half of a muscle relaxer and did not cook my pies until Thanksgiving morning. Thankfully it got better. I'd also had another weird dream, but haven't gotten with my dream team about it yet.

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving as did we. When Rhett was saying the blessing, I whispered for him to remember our health which he did. Just felt that was important this year. We had the best meal we have had in awhile especially my sweet potato casserole for me. I made Daddy a bowl of egg custard. He went back and ate it all which made me feel good. I don't fight shopping crowds in the wee hours of the morning. I like my sleep in my nice, warm bed thank you very much. I did manage some shopping and lucked up on some bargains. I buy things knowing I will alter them now. Does that make me an alterations lady? LOL

Had some funny things to share... like Rhett being in another play. This time it is a cowboy theme. I heard him telling his Daddy from Mom's kitchen that he would be playing the character of what I thought was "Horse Feathers" which I repeated as if he said "NEW YORK CITY"! Then Rhett said his name is "Horace Feathers". LOL

This morning the phone rang and I knew it wasn't good. Long story short, my father got dizzy & fell in the yard. We think he may have hit his head on the curb. Not sure if he blacked out. He crawled back to the house as my mom was still asleep. She was not able to get him inside so she called me. She had gotten him inside by the time we arrived, but we took him to the ER where we spent the ENTIRE day. His blood pressure was high. His ECG was irregular so they are keeping him overnight for observation just in case. Better safe than sorry. We went to eat, came back & he was still not in a room an hour & 30 mins later! But he is in one now. Please keep my Daddy in prayers. We are thankful there was no concussion or broken bones, but he will be sore for sometime.

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