Monday, August 27, 2007

Reply Back Sunday

On Sunday I received lots of replies back via email about Rhett's picture and the BIG Collage I sent out on Saturday. Ruth said Rhett was the spitting image of me; Becky made over. Abby and Anne thought he was a cutie. Me three. Mike E was very interested in the collage and had questions about it such as if were on a loom. Abby knew exactly what it was made of because she knows me so well and had received some of my artistic endeavors through the mail. One of the best compliments she could pay me was by saying she wanted to touch it. I'd never thought of that because I was the main on touching it daily. Susannah liked the swirling colors. I'd attempted to give it plenty of movement so must have succeeded.

I told Genie about Don's comment. Like any true best friend could or should be, she was on my side as always. She was glad I found something that brought me happiness in a far less expensive way than the cost of hunting! I can always count on her.

I sent out a really good email. It was short story on the back of a Guidepost greeting card. To paraphrase it, its about the watchers in life. Its about being on the sidelines; being cheerleaders cheering others on; the ones who watch the shows, etc. Thus bringing me to the Quote of the Day....

We watchers play an important role in the lives of others, who need to know that someone is cheering especially for them.
~Gina Bridgeman~

Tomorrow I meet with Rhett's new speech teacher for the 1st time. She sounded really nice on the phone when I spoke with her about setting up the meeting.

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