Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Day in the Life of the RAV

Today is Friendship Day.
Saw birds flying in a line,
2 dragonflies
Did the 1st one follow me
to the 2nd location?
Going 35 in a 50 zone
No rush. Not late. No worries.
So far - so good.
The Georgia heat warped the plastic coating on my Gratitude journal.
A fax machine that sounds like a baby's movement in an ultra sound...
or the womb.
Humming sound from the fan in the restroom.
White noises annoy me.
Why does no one else hear them but me?
Finding pieces of art at work.
Air conditioning went out in the car on the way to lunch.
It came back on miles down the road.
Felt the car pulling to the right.
Had a flat
once I got back!
An inmate fixed it for me supervised by guards, of course!
I said, "And I thought I was having a good day..."
"You are," said two people at the same time.
Created 2 abstract pieces of art work at work
1 post card down
7 more to go....
I pray my air will work on the way home.

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