Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Missing Purple Pieces

As I said on Saturday, I began separating my many scraps of paper according to colors. I had a baggie for black & whites and reds, blues, oranges and fall colors, purples and tiny hearts. Last night when I went to look for the purple one, I couldn't find them in my magic box. I began frantically searching the couch for it. I felt down in between the cushions of my side. I thought I felt something slip down. I asked both my men to get a flash light and help me see if the baggie had indeed fallen through. No immediate response from either of them. Rhett did go ask his Daddy for a flash light. He did try which was more than I could say for Don so I got mad. I don't ask much of him. Just because it was after 10 & he was going thru mail and maybe paying a bill, didn't mean he couldn't stop and help me look under the couch. I really felt like it was there. Where else could it be? I'd only been in that one spot with it. Don told me my magic box fell over, but if it fell over then it would be right there on the floor where it fell.

So I began another baggie of purple pieces. I was still angry because the lost bag had some beautiful things in it I was going to use on my postcard swap. I emptied my 1st magic box of all the pieces I plan to use and then some! I have another box to go thru tonight.

As I just titled this post, I thought... I wonder if the One-eyed Flying Purple People Eater stole it from me. Someone or some unseen force did not want me to use that bag of purple pieces for some reason. It reminded me of when I was going to buy some Tarot Cards at a book store in the old mall. When finally got my nerve, I went back to the bookstore, the cards were no longer there. A weird looking guy with long, dark hair came up to me as I was looking in the New Age section and asked what I was looking for as if it was his business and I knew he did not work there. I didn't feel as if he were hitting on me so I told him. He gave me the strangest reply I have ever heard, "Maybe the cards don't want you to find them." When I looked around again, he was gone! It was one of The weirdest experiences in my life. "Twillight Zone" theme playing then and now.

I just pray I find the missing pieces soon. Maybe the good purple fairy will place them back in my magic box. I will beg and plead with Don to have a look tonight. If he'd fix my side of the couch, I could look under it. Hint. Hint. It is at times like this, I wish I had the strength of Superwoman so I could lift the heavy thing myself, but alas I am not Superwoman.

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