Friday, August 17, 2007

What Has Been Your Excitement Lately?

Yesterday I had 8 color copies made of 3 things at Office Max on one sheet to save money. I bought some 5x8 index cards, but unfortunetly they were ruled so I will have to paste over the ruled side (get it ... paste over the rules), some lavendar & pink 3x5 index cards to make even more postcards on. The girl behind the counter remembered me from my magnets which made me feel good. Its nice to be remembered. I told her about my upcoming postcard swap which she thought was a neat idea.

I made taco salad for supper. After supper, I asked Don if he wanted to see my postcards and showed them to him. He didn't say anything except "Um". I guess he thinks they are too abstract; too weird or maybe he was expecting another patchwork quilt type of thing. Fooled him! I made one postcard out of the copies I had made today before going to bed. The abstract may be THE ONE. Unless I come up with a better one.

Today was hat day for Rhett at school. He looked so cute in his Cubs cap. I told him so & he said "thanks" which reminded me of the way the snake said it or Harry did in the first Harry Potter movie which we have seen over and over and over. He had the cap pulled all the way down. No time for a picture as he was getting out of the car yet it will be embedded in my memory forever....

I sent out an email explaining my excitement over my postcard swap today. My question of the day was: What has been your excitement lately? I got back some different feedback from friends that I didn't even know they had such as stock trading and books. That was almost like finding out Genie wanted to open her own tea room. I never knew. After 45 years of friendship.

I had a box of books in the trunk of the car. I FINALLY went thru them after the flat tire happened. There are some I would never read. Some I will never have the time to read. But luckily there were some vampire books among them. I am going to sell unwanted ones at a bookstore! I called the bookstore today & they said they always buy books which wasn't what they'd told me once before. So I donated those to the local library. I will be selling these this afternoon or tomorrow! As London Tipton of "the Suite Life of Zach & Cody" would say, "YEAH ME!"

I am wearing blue today and thought I would work on a blue patchwork postcard this weekend. By tomorrow I may be in purple haze/phase/funk or work on a southern theme ya'll since I am from the south. Who knows? So many artistic things to do and so little time.

Quote of the day:

I will pray for you quietly,
think of you often
and love you always.
-Peter R. Stone-

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