Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Highlight of My Day

Monday, there has been something weighing on my mind... it sort of bothered me, but then I let too much stuff get to me. I tend to take everything at face value. I tried to talk to Don about it. While he listened, I didn't get the same reaction that I get from my best friend Genie who understands me better than anyone except for Penny. So today I finally emailed Genie about what was weighing on my my mind in one of my typically long emails. I await her reply where she will answer in her typical fashion giving good, sound advice and possibly answers to solutions that always makes me feel better. She is my chicken soup for my soul.

I finally removed Tatum's nail polish. I bought two new tops @ Kohl's yesterday when I paid my bill. One is a red flowers, black background, leaves of green and pale yellow flowered Hawaiian shirt that immediately brought Tom Selleck in "Magnum, PI" to mind as I am sure it would Genie. It was a small, but I tried it on & it fit because it must run big. It was on sale for $5.60. I got another top that I plan to wear as a jacket with a black tank underneath. I could only find a medium in it but sine I am wearing it open, it won't matter. I took a picture of the jacket type one in the dressing room because I liked the black flower outline. It was $6 something. Because I knew I'd wear the Hawaiian shirt today, I tried to do may nails black & red like I did the white and purple but it didn't work. So I have on "Frankly Scarlett" red polish by Revlon on toes as well. I am normal again. Wearing new clothes and having freshly polished nails makes you feel better.

I'd read Susannah's blog & saw where she said she'd emailed those wanting to participate in her postcard swap. I immediately checked my AOl but saw nothing. I checked it again a bit later. Then some voice told me to check spam and there she was.... I felt like an excited child on Christmas morning. I gave her my address. I will begin on the cards this weekend. Once I hear from her again, I'll know where and to whom I will be sending them. I am so excited. As I said it doesn't take much for me. This is the highlight of my day.

I am getting off at 4 today to go to a tea to meet Rhett's new teacher and leave his school supplies. His first day back at school is tomorrow. He is not going to want to go to bed early tonight.

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