Tuesday, August 14, 2007

If I could go back in time...

Today Susannah of inkonmyfingers.typepad.com had a poem entitled "The Stolen Camera". Upon first reading it, I thought her camera had been stolen which would have been really bad since she has begun a photography career.

This brought to mind when our house was broken into the day after Labor Day in 1998. Rhett was only 3 months old. I had just gone back to work. I'd just begun taking Rhett to my mom's instead of her coming to my house. A thief broke in, stole my Minolta camera, most of my jewelry my poor mother had bought me all the years of my life, and the video camera with Rhett's birth on it. They ransacked the house. Looked under our mattress as if we had money under there! Took a few bars of Don's candy & threw the remainder in the floor. Later we found out he was an old man and drug addict who had his son and a woman involved. The idiots pawned my jewelry locally but I am certainly glad they did now!

I was very lucky because I has able to get my camera back minus the original 35mm lense. The thief had put my telefoto on it which wasn't working properly anyway. I got back a lot of my jewelry especially my favorite and sentimental ones. But I had not recording of my child's birth which makes me sick to my stomach every time I think about it. I often thought, "What if Rhett thought he was adopted?" which is laughable because he is the spitting image of me. I cannot deny him.

Now Rhett loves to watch videos of himself as a baby. We were watching some on Saturday. We talked about the thief stealing his birth video. He began saying, "If I could go back in time...." and I said I'd go back to that day before I left to take him to my mom's, I'd also take my camera, the video camera and all of my jewelry with me. But I can't go back.

If you could go back in time, where would you go?

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