Monday, August 27, 2007

My Excitement; My Passion

Saturday morning 8/25/07, I made strawberry muffins & bacon for the first time in a long, long time. It was breakfast for me; brunch for Don. Rhett didn't like the muffins.

Mom wanted to get Rhett new tennis shoes that were on sale for one day only @ JCPenney's. First, I had to try to upload my digital pictures and send them in an email. I was getting very frustrated because it wasn't working. Then to have a 9 year old come in to the computer/junk room to tell me how to do it...! If I had not been successful, I was going to a free digital class offered at CVS tomorrow. It would have meant missing lunch until 2 pm. Luckily I FINALLY was successful! I was so excited I figured it out! I sent out a picture of Rhett in his room. Some of my friends have not seen him in awhile. My blogger friend Abby had never seen him before today. I sent the BIG collage out also.

I may have spoiled my postcard swap surprise by going into other's blogs to view their completed ones. The good new is none of them are like mine. We are all very talented women each with different ideas, styles and tastes coming from different places. I am very proud of us.

Because these postcards have been my excitement; my passion lately, I've tried to discuss it with Don. Of course he doesn't share my interest one iota. Once again he managed to "insert both feet in his mouth" as my friend Penny would say. He had the nerve to ask, "What is the purpose of this besides wasting stamps?" I don't consider it a waste of stamps or a waste of anything. I won't divorce him for his comment.

It just reminded me of the time I'd planned a weekend on our 3rd anniversary at a B&B in Georgia. I think the place was called Scarlett's Inn. It had a "Gone With the Wind" theme. We were staying in Rhett Butler's room complete with a black top hat, gloves and cane on the bed. Being a damn Yankee from Indiana, he told the lady owner of the establishmenthe wasn't into that stuff. He even admitted to her he was a Yankee but left out the damn. Horrors! She told him she should burn his breakfast! I was so embarrassed. Later I admonished him like a mother would a child. I told him if he had more comments like that to keep them to himself. I would never had done him like that.

Don had been sick at the time even though that was no excuse for his lack of tactfulness. He had pharingitis and had been hiccuping non-stop. I couldn't sleep that night because of it. And I thought his snoring was bad! At 3 am., I'd had enough. All I could think of was hearing stories of how people who had hiccups for days and dying. So we came home to go to the hospital. The owner never got her chance to burn his breakfast. I'm sure she and her husband thought we were the strangest couple they'd ever had in there inn. I wonder if they wrote about us? Will we go down in their history book? Not exactly the way I've always wanted to be remembered in history.

Often I have felt like our life is art imitating itself into our existance.... Like not being able to get married in the church we attended because Don had been married before. We'd already sent invitations out and had to revise them with mauve colored postcards changing the location to my church. I felt like the black couple on "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" when they were not allowed to be married in the white church they had been attending faithfully as we had been doing in reality.

Art also imitated our life at the ER that night when they prescribed a drug often used on the show "ER". At least it wasn't epi!

So mom, Rhett & I went to the mall. Rhett got new Sketchers. I wanted him to try on a cool sweater type jacket with a zipper I'd seen earlier. The size small was too big for him especially in the arm length. He didn't want it because it was too big. It had the neates design on it or at least I thought it did. So it begins... the child not liking the clothes the mom picks out.

I purchased Estee Lauder's Resilience Lift Extreme make up in linen which is supposed to match my skin tone exactly. So I am Linen. I also got free a free tube of lipstick plus other goodies all in a mauve bag with a paisley design. Rhett got a new shirt for less than $4 at Dillard's. He was able to enter a drawing where he may win an autographed Miley Cyrus guitar, a game box, etc. I entered myself and Don. Mom entered herself and Daddy. So Rhett's odds increased 5 per cent. Rhett also told me there was a free mother/daughter make-over. "Where am I going to get a daughter?" I asked him. He said our friend Tiffany, a teenager from church who sits behind us. I told him I was not sure her mom would let her. Forgot all about his big sister and Tatum.

As we were leaving the mall, I called Don on my cell. We'd planned to go see "Evan Almighty". I told him the 2 starting times. Now I had time to run in and get Rhett a Chick-Fil-A sandwhich and get me Krystals before going back to Mom's. I'd eaten 2 Krystals. It was going on 7 pm. No husband driving up. I called him again. He had 7:45 stuck in his head instead of 7:25! We made it just in time for all the previews.

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