Tuesday, September 11, 2007


photos by Becky aka quoth The RAV
Rhett outside Bella's Place
Lamb Blessing ornament from Bella's Place

First of all I am so proud of myself for getting the correct picture on this one!

Sunday we had dinner at church. Still not feeling well. I took carrots and taco rice. They were hardly touched so I won't do that again! I'll stick with the Jello Cookies-n-cream desert the kids love. Maybe I'll feel better by next month's fellowship meal. I was almost afraid to eat just anything. The chicken leg I picked up was spicey so I gave it to Don. I ate Katherine's chicken casserole and Ms. June's good green beans with someone's cornbread. I haven't figured out who makes the cornbread yet. No deserts for me. Not that I am a big desert person like Don.

We talked with a friend who just returned from an elk hunt out west. We were discussing digi cameras, how many pictures you can take, how Gary has over 5,000 pictures stored on his computer. How you can take photos of EVERYTHING. Don said I always did that anyway. He told them how I take pictures of trees. "Yeah, because they have some sort of shape on them!" I defended myself. I just happened to have one on the camera from yesterday at Bella's place and showed them the "face" on the side of the tree. Everyone could see it.

Came home. Went on line to check for feedback from the pictures I emailed yesterday. Once again my friend Mike E said I need to take my artwork to the Joseph House downtown which I plan to investigate very soon... Anne really liked the abstract postcard which surprised me.

I came up with an idea for a post, a card, a sympathy email (since a lot of friends have lost loved ones lately) using a digi photo of the quilt my MIL made Don that is on our bed. I viewed some artwork on etsy.com. Then we went back to church. Upon returning from church, I took the picture aabove of my new lamb ornament I purchased at Bella's Place yesterday. I sent it out as an email. I was very pleased and proud of it and myself. Can't wait to try to upload ALL the pics to my blog soon...!

I attempted to make a butterfly collage for Tiffany's 15th birthday on the 21st. It did not work out as well as I envisioned it.... Just glanced at it again as I was handwriting this, and it is not too shabby. Still needs more butterflies. I may not have enough by her birthday, but luckily I have a back-up gift for her.

Blessing to you from the RAV

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