Monday, September 17, 2007

Friday's Folly's

On Friday 9/14/07, I submitted a photo of my Daddy's tie to
We had a fish fry at work. I have never eaten fish at 10 am before. It was prepared by one of the Sgt. I was the only one who requested fries. Everyone else ate cheese grits. It was good but didn't sit well. Later the fish were swimming up. I felt yucky later.
I had to call Rhett's teacher when I got to mom's because the girl bully hit him several times in his back and kicked him. I did not stop to think about what my best friend Genie had told me. I looked for his teacher's cell phone number immediately. I told her we seem to have a problem..... She told me she would move Rhett away from her & speak with the assistant principle abou this on Monday. She said she just couldn't understand it because the girl is a straiht A student, apart of the student body and is allowed all over the school. I am not concerned about that; I am concerned about her bullying and hitting my child.
Then I took him to get his hair cut. Trimmed is a better word because Don didn't even notice it had been cut and he notices EVERYTHING. Afterwards I took him to Wendy's to take his picture taken in the cut out I'd been eyeing all week. See his picture on previous post below...

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