Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Went to Sleep on Elvis

Once again I didn't sleep well last night. The air conditioner no longer comes on since it has gotten cooler outside at night. There was a cricket outside the window that kept me awake. It woke me up at 3:30 am and I could not go back to sleep to save my life. When I did finally drift back off to slumber, the alarm blared out a song I didn't want to hear! What is it with the crickets and all the other critters around here. The cicada on the rabbit(see previous post). The BIG spider next door which is still there. There was what I thought was a small Daddy Long Legs in the bathroom. When Don killed it so Rhett would go to the bathroom, he said it was some other kind of spider!

I suppose because my "supervisor" gave me the idea for, I felt sort of obligated towards her so I gave her a 4x6 copy of my blue collage. That brought me to thinking what would I charge for a 4x6 of the piece? Or a 5x7? I have always short-changed myself in the past.
Then I wonder... will anyone buy my work?

I worked a bit more on the very 1st idea I made for the post card swap. I am at the point where I should just leave it alone instead of pick it to pieces when it is already in pieces! Pun intended. After all more is supposed to be less. I wish I could devote all my time to my artwork.

I attempted another idea on but didn't like it. Anyone could do that. It needs fall leaves which have not fallen yet.

I tried to sell some books at a bookstore but they were only accepting new used text books. I could trade some of my paperbacks in IF they were in good condition IF they were over $5.99 and probably a lot more ifs the lady with the shiney lip gloss rattled off. They would give me a percentage off the used paperbacks I bought. I told her a man had told me on the phone they were "always buying books". I left a bit perturbed.

I went to Walmart to pick up more pictures. I stopped at A. C. Moore to get some new Prisma colored pencils for another idea I plan to put on a postcard. By the time I got to Sears it was 6:10. Time to call Don. We were supposed to get a new stove today. The model we wanted had to be ordered and would be delivered in the store on Thursday. Next time Don comes with me!!! I had to call him several times with questions I couldn't answer. By the 3rd call, how was I supposed to know he was home by then?

I gave mom some pictures. I tried to sharpen my colored pencils there but my old pencil sharpener wasn't working. By the time I got home, I had a sinus headache . I'd planned to take my hay fever pill just before bed so I would sleep through the night, but took it earlier instead.

There was an Elvis special on tv. The man still looks good; is still sexy even today. He had one of the most beautiful voices in the world. He was the 1st singer I taught Rhett to recognize on the radio. It is just so sad about his drug additions. What a loss. Elvis was a Capricorn like me. He liked to surround himself with his friends. I used to wish I could do that but not all of them got along. Anyway, I went to sleep on Elvis! Well, just the last 15 minutes. At least I slept through the night. No crickets kept me awake. I am thankful.

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