Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Pamper Chef Party

On Friday, 9/7/07, caught up on my blog. I was supposed to get off work @ 4, but was asked by the Warden to remain until 4:15. Not that I understood what a difference 15 mins would or did make. Had to stop at the library to renew my book(s) because I didn't have all of them to turn in with me. When I walked up to the woman behind the counter, I NICELY asked if I gave her my card, could she renew my books? Rather superiorly with a snotty attitude, she said, "Not without your card." DUH. Wasn't that what I just asked her? I must have given her one of my Becky looks because she changed her titude. I did not know her name, but if I chose to complain about her, my description of her would have been "the woman with the weird painted on eyebrows." I'll just make sure I have my books next time and avoid her like the plaque.

I had to pay my Kohl's bill. I found a black purse by lina on sale. If I knew how t add a link here, I would. I had gotten red permanent ink on the light blue stripe on the one I've been using all year. I blame that on Don because he went thru my purse with my permission & put my pens in one area. I did not want all of them there particularly the red one so I tossed them in the bottom. The top came off one end of the red one which is how it messed up my purse. Now I can have the blue one cleaned, hope and pray the cleaner can get the marker out. I changed my purse at mom's. The blue one was bigger much to my disapointment.

I felt rushed because I was due at a Pampered Chef party at 7 and horrors I had not
R. S. V. P'ed which is unlike me! I did not stop at Walmart to pick up more of my new digi pictures. I did R. S. V. P when I got to mom's. I still had to drop Rhett off at home so he and Don could have a boy's night out. When just Rhett & I go out to eat, it is considered "a date". I bet he didn't ask his Daddy if they were having a date. I'll have to remember to ask him...!

I was wishy-washy about going to the party. I really didn't need or could afford it. The main reason I would go was for the new girl at church, Katie's sake. Sounds like a book title. I'd told my friend Katherine I'd have to buy the cheapest thing in their catalog. Luckily I found Katie's house with no problems except I hit my right leg in the center of my leg bone with the car door! Now I have a bruise to match the one on my left leg, not that I really wanted either one!

The food prepared and served was way too spicy for my tummy. I took one bite of the barbecue chicken pizza and put it down. The potatoes I normally love and could eat a half dozen of were not completely done. The only thing I could eat was the beer bread. I ordered the smallest stone they had to cook Rhett's small pizzas upon. It wasn't the cheapest thing. Then I went home. I felt old. Was it because I wore black?

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