Friday, September 14, 2007

The Good News, New Discovery

The bad news:
Well, now I have really done it...! I was playing with Picasa with my pictures, collaging some of them together. Later I went to Walmart to pick up more prints. When I loaded my memory card, some of my pictures were missing! Meaning: I erased them! The missing were those of my postcards. Some of the designs I had been taking which means I will have to re-shoot all of them. Doesn't that sound like a real photographer?

The good news:
The prints of the blue collage came out this awesome shade of bright blue which I love! I was imagining all sorts of possiblities with it... like a white mat around it, maybe painting a white frame to match what I think is a cobalt blue.

Today I found a new discovery... although I may have heard it mentioned on someone's blog before but did not persue it. My supervisor told me I should sell my art work as postcard stamps. Yesterday I tried to find it at Pitney Bowes because that is what she told me in one of her stupors. I got very frustrated with not finding the stamps you create yourself. Today she showed more stamps she had purchased which were from I went there and found the most amazing artwork! Check it out. You won't be sorry.

I also submitted one; a photo of one of my Daddy's ties so keep your fingers crossed for me and say a prayer they will accept it so I can start making money. It may look too much like an Etscher. Speaking of prayers, please say one for my best friend Penny who filled out an application to became a teacher's aide so she will have the same holiday schedule as her husband and girls. She said she is not sure the Lord wants her to do this, but I am asking for prayers on her behalf. I wrote her a nice, long email. She loved the pictures I sent, especially those of Rhett.

I had a free fish lunch at work today at 10 am! The fish talked to me later.

I may have used this quote before but it is a good one anyway....

Quotes of the Day:

The key to anyone's success is living your life with absolute passion, so passionately it manifests in every waking moment of your life, it influences your thoughts and behaviors and inspires others.
~Kimberly Adamson~

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