Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thankful For Things That Make Me Laugh

The most amazing thing just happened as I was sitting here at the Library touching up my blog since I can't do that on the home computer. I heard someone said "Hey!" At first I thought it was my friend Anne, but she moved to Carrollton. It was my friend Patti. It was good to see her as always. I showed her the pictures I posted on my blog today and all the other ones as well. I guess because I have 95 pictures on my memory card as of now, I thought I had more photos on here. I gave Patti the link so she can come back to read this when she has time and showed her where she could make comments if she so desires. I would love more comments.

Now I am going to try to catch up...

Monday, 9/17/07. It was catch up day for me. Later Rhett's teacher called me at work. I knew it was her when Caroline said my whole name Rebecca. Only my doctors call me that. My first thought was "Oh, no... I'm in trouble" but I was not. His teacher told me she moved Rhett as she said she would do. She moved him away from the girl bully. "Hopefully and prayerfully" as his teacher said, this will resolve the matter.

I receive two very funny emails today. One from my friend Kevin and another about a "Bubba" and his two friends. I am always thankful for the things that make me laugh.

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