Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Today's Discovery

Today I made a 3x5 postcard with goldfish I drew myself. One of the ladies at work had a pin on her desk of a multi-colored fish. I'm sure it was meant to be a religious symbol. I traced the outline onto a leftover piece of cardboard I'd been saving for something and made my own template!

After work I went to Walmart which seems to be my home away from home since I am printing so many of my photos there. I also had to get Rhett a compass for school. Would ya believe they did NOT have any? Yet I learned something new today.... You can take your small pieces of artwork such as the 3x5 or 4x6 postcards I made, take them to the Walmart picture maker and make 4x6 photos of them for only 28 cents which is far less than going to Office Max or Kinko's to make color copies which can cost 89 cents on up. Unless they are on sale.

I found a woman's face I'd drawn on baroquial ivory or linen paper years ago. I took it with me to Wally world. The face was actually larger than a 4x6 so it cut off the eyebrows except for a tiny bit so you know she does have some and it cut off the very bottom part of her lips. When the picture came out of the machine, it reminded me of Dolly Parton! I thought about sending her a copy of it. I need to crop the original or have a color copy made of it at Office Max. For once in my life I hate to crop something. I never had a problem with my photos when I got into scrapbooking. My mother hated it when I "chopped up" my pics. Anywhoo I was rather proud of myself today. The only downside was the goldfish didn't turn out as orangey looking as the ones I drew. They were more yellow which I didn't like. Too pickie I know. I will probably have to make color copies of those too.

I called Don to see what to do about supper. I mentioned there was a new Cowboy Saloon in town. By Friday's he is too tired to go out to eat once he gets home. He had other better ideas... He wanted to go to the Bass Pro Shop in Prattville tomorrow and we would eat at the restaurant there. I got all excited. Something new to do. So Rhett and I picked up Backyard Burgers after I bought him a compass at Staples paying more than $3 for it which is ridiculous. I cannot find the old metal kind that I used to use as a child. I guess they may be considered weapons nowdays.

There were lots of good tv shows on tonight. I really go into "Vegas". It was the cliffhanger ending of the season.

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