Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Views of the Voyles



I have a newer version of Picasa at home which has a collage feature I absolutelylove! I have been a collaging fool! LOL I tried to upload a collage of almost the entire Voyles' clan from pictures taken back during Thanksgiving, but the photo wouldn't upload to my great disappointment. It did email well especially to those who can't always pull up pictures I send. So I decided I would put my best shots forward here... This view of Don and I was taken at the city Christmas party. I did not like the 1st shot my good friend Debra took. I looked slumped, fat, old and like my mother! Then I sat up straight for this one and the difference was like night and day. It is funny to flip back & forth between the two shots. We get such a kick out of it. So let me be an example to you...Lesson learned: ALWAYS sit up straight.

The second photo of Rhett was taken in the hospital waiting room outside my uncle's room a few weekends ago. It was after my cousin Nancy's funeral. I saw him looking out the 6th floor window and knew I had THE perfect shot. He started to move and I told him not to move! This is perhaps my all time favorite photo of him. I am so proud of it and excited about it. These will Christmas gifts from the Voyles to the Voyles, my parents, other family members on my side, and our friends.

So much to do. So little time to do it all in. Haven't had much time for blogging.
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PERBS said...

I love the photo of son in window reflection!