Thursday, October 11, 2007

And more of the Cotton Pickin' Fair....

By the time we arrived at the fair, the sun came out. We whizzed by most of the usual stuff we have seen over and over and over each year. I did find something new... A man had thin wooden matts for 5x7 frames he'd made. It had Rhett's name carved in the bottom of it. It was $14.95. I started to walk away, but his name is hard to find so I bought it. I also got a magnet which will have to be mailed to me in two weeks. Don cannot believe I trust these vendors as I do, but I have never had a problem in the past. Now I regret that I didn't buy more of them. One for my folks and Don's folks for Christmas presents. Don thought the price was too high. If he'd buy the right saw, he could make them for me. Yeah, right. But alas hunting season is upon us now so I can forget that noise!
I thought about going back up there the next day, but Don was agains the idea. He had a virus. I suppose I could order more from the vendor once he does send me the magnet. Of course I'd have to pay shipping and handling. Would that be less than a tank of gas these days? LOL Who knows... maybe tht vendor will be at Christmas Made in the South at the end of this month... I can only hope.
We only made it through one side of the fair and the free side on the outside of it. Rhett was ready to go by then. Next time I'll leave him at his Grandma's. He was less complaining last time we came here. I spend less money when he does not go with me. He acted as if I walked him to death. Sort of like I did Elisa when she was pregnant, but we went through both sides.
I did get three Christmas gifts. I got something I think is neat for my daughter-in-law, Kristina. Just hope my oldest step-daughter, Elisa didn't buy the same thing, but I found out she was out of town & did not go there. So I don't have to worry abuout Kristina getting duplicates.
I did get a little sun on my neck but not too much. Does that make me a redneck? Naw, just a southern lady.
There were these ducks out front of where you enter the town of Warm Springs. There is another pic of Rhett petting them which didn't upload.. They are not real by the way.
The blue lights were from a Christmas tree in a shop that will be going out of business soon. I'd purchased a lot of gifts and Christmas ornaments from there. So it is sad. Maybe someone else will take it over. Next weekend they are having a hoe down in this little town. But alas I will be spending ALL day getting ready for a 5oth birthday bash with some of classmates. Not that it will make me look any younger, make my wrinkles vanish into thin air or darken my gray hair.

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