Monday, October 22, 2007

I Love Ewe for Wesley Rose

I awoke Saturday morning with an idea for Wesley Rose's birthday present.... but did not work on it til later that night. These two are the best out of all the shots I took of it. Sorry they are sideways. It is entitled "I Love Ewe". Wesley's room is done in lambs like Rhett's was. Of course it will look even better once it is framed.
Lesson learned:
If you try to draw clouds and mess up, you can always add cotton balls. Sort of like when life hands you lemons and you make lemonade.

10/20/07 The night before I cooked fried shrimp, my homemade mac-n-cheese and hush puppies on a Friday night at that. I am sure Don was quite shocked. Probably thought he was in the wrong house! I used half of a small package of Martha White's hush puppy mix. They were the best puppies I made in a while. Rhett ate almost all of the macaroni.

The next morning I did a load of dishes, warmed Rhett up the rest of the mac and hush puppies. Don came in from the woods. He and I had sausage and toast. Later he took Rhett to get a haircut. I watched a continual 30 min special about haunted places and hotels while playing Bookworm. That way I wasn't totally watching the scarey parts. The show made me nervous but it was interesting.

The 3 of us went to the new mall. Don to Sears while Rhett & I went to Walmart so I could get stuff to make meatloaf for supper. I had a grocery list with me now. I printed out a few pictures like the balloons I submitted to I let Rhett play video games while I printed the pics. I had to wait to get service at the camera counterbecause the woman was on the phone. Don had called me and said he was coming inside. I started heading to the crafting section when I remembered Rhett. I almost forgot my child! I am not used to him being with me whenever I go there to print pictures. I saw Don. We went to get Rhett. They headed to sporting goods while I went to check out where I saw I had not hamburger meat in my cart! I'd forgotten Don's popcorn too even with my list! So they had to still wait on me.

I put in another load of dishes and good another good supper since the new stove is now working. After supper I made Wesley Rose's birthday picture in about two hours. I also made two postcards for my postcard swap. Then I took many pictures of Wesley's drawing. I was really nervous again for some unknown reason and my hands were shaking. I guess I need to use Don's tripod.

10/21/07 We went to the chinese place near the house to eat after church. Rhett ate with chopsticks and ate a lot more than usual for him. Maybe he should eat with them ALL the time!
After we got home, I felt sort of yucky so I laid down and read some of a new book Primal Heat by Susan Sizemore. I read over a hundred pages so I read about half of it. I checked on emails and blogs since I didn't even get on the computer yesterday. I could not get the pictures I'd taken of Wesley's gift and Rhett to upload. So I was not thrilled.
We went back to church. Afterwards we talked with friends of Brother Elmer who had a bad stroke on Friday. Carol, his neice by marriage brought tears to my eyes when she said she talks to him and sang to him in his coma like state. What a blessing she is! She said she hopes someone would do that to her if she were in that condition.
Back at home we began working on Rhett's poster which is due on Thursday, the 25th. I used a cowboy hat magnet to trace for a hat on the farmers' heads. Because the poster board is slick, we couldn't use colored pencils which are my forte. So the colors are not what I envisioned. Markers seemed to work much better. There were too many small details to attempt paint. It is about halfway finished now. Hopefully we will finish it up tomorrow night. We have to do it on the floor which kills my back and hips. Stayed up til midnight working on it.

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