Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Halloween Early

I'd seen a fellow classmate earlier in the week and asked if he got the email about our class's 50th birthday bash to be held on Saturday. William had not received anything so I told him I'd send him the info and did. I called him from work on my cell since it was long distance to call him. My phone was beeping it had a low battery so I turned it off after verifying he'd received my emails. As I was charging the phone in the car, I'd had a call from William. He was downtown searching to the house. If it was not wheel chair accessible, he would not be able to attend. He gave me directions to it so I headed on over to check it out for myself. I felt bad that William could not come now.

We went to Country's on Broad for supper which is an old remodeled bus station complete with an old Greyhound bus attached on the outside. There was an elderly lady who was rather loud as if she were deaf as a doornail. I knew I'd seen her before.... It finally came to me that I'd seen her at another restaurant when I was working downtown. She was trying to eat chicken salad while her son was preaching about something that day. She told him to "Shut up!" It was kind of hard to forget. That night she was the loud one. She also had to go the restroom which is located up about three flights of stairs. Her son had to help her up the stairs.

I looked at Don and said, "This place is not wheel chair accessible." If William came here, he might could find a seat, but he would not be able to go to the bathroom. It really got me to thinking.... Later I emailed this account to William. I volunteered my help in making the public aware of this problem. After all, the next time our class has a gathering, more of us might be in Williams's shoes as well as a wheel chair but I hope not!

Rhett wanted to go to the bus as usual. There were skulls decorating the place. He walked slowly up the steps leading to the bus as if he were approaching the guillotine. When he got to the top step, he turned around and came back. I jokingly told Don, "There must be a skelleton up there." Sure enough there was! This is him complete with driver's cap but no torso. So I had to take a picture of it. I also sent it as an email & everyone thinks its scarey but I find it funny sick person that I am.

We went home to watch the new vampire show "Moonlight".

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