Monday, October 22, 2007

Crackers! Monday Morning Headache

I got to work. The carpet had been cleaned over the weekend. I KNEW the plastic matt underneath mine was NOT mine. I KNEW I was not going crazy.The Deputy warden laughed at me and said it was mine, but I KNEW it was not!

Then the warden called me into his office to ask for the over time figures. He told me I'd "left a food product on my desk." "Food product?" I questioned him. Then he proceeded to tell me I left a box of crackers on my desk and Pepsi cans beneath it. I'd forgotten to take my empty cans home in my sleepy dramamined induced stupor on Friday. Now I rinse my empties out daily and take them home once I have a bagful at the end of the week for my Daddy to recycle so he will have something to do. The crackers in question had not been opened so they were sealed and there were no bugs in them! He came around the corner of my cubicle and I not only told him, but showed him the unopened crackers. He told me to put them in the cabnet in the breakroom like he's done other things before. I was really mad. I'd walked out of his office because I thought it was so ridiculous. It is not the 1st time he'd done something like this so I should be used to it by now and not let it get to me like I did. Maybe I should just laugh in his old, red face. By now my head is pounding. A migraine was coming on.

I told the supervisor who held up a box she has on her desk, but he doesn't say anything to her. I am sure he heard me telling her and I did use the word damn a few times. That was when I showed him the box of unopened crackers. I had his twitchy eye twitching like the man over Inspector Clueseau in "The Pink Panther" movies. Then he tried to be nice to me. That doesn't cut it with me.

I was working on the report he requested. I updated more than the over time so he couldn't come back and tell me to give him the complete report. He came to get the one figure because he probably thought I should have finished by then. As he looked over my shoulder (which is one of my pet peeves!) I told him I was doing it all. Then sugar wouldn't melt in his mouth fast enough!

He is worse than a woman. I should not have let him get to me like I did but I did. Taking Alleve helped, but it returned along with a bad case of indigestion. It just was not worth all that.

I told you about Wall Words at in an earlier post. Today I learned of another similar site at They had a cute example of a little boy in his room reading a book on his bed. Above him are these words:

Boy, n.: a noise with dirt on it.
(That would great for scrapbooking.)

Another one said:
Life is a journey and only you hold the map. (?)

living simply. loving generously.
caring deeply. speaking kindly.

go out and feel everything
step into your dream
live and laugh
have your ever after...

Received some good emails today as well as those quotes... Hope you had a better Monday than I did. But I got my pictures to upload so today was not a totally bad day. I know that I am not alone. Others work with crazy people too.

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