Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rhett's House of Card

The first one was Rhett's idea and he wanted me to take a pic of it so I did. A lot of our friends thought it was cool so I submitted it to Zazzle with that title. They accepted it. After uploading it and submitting it, it looks sort of blurry so I will probably reshoot it. When I told Rhett it had been accepted, he wasn't the least bit concerned. He was asking how much it cost to change your name. He wants to change his to Drake from "Drake & Josh". I told him NO!. He was Rhett now and always would be.

I got Rhett this frisbee like disc. Its cool. We broke it in on Columbus Day since we were both off from school and work. He also tried to take my head off with his remote control flying saucer Stephanie gave him! The bugs were eating me up so I went inside. Later we went to Applebees's for steaks.

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