Thursday, October 11, 2007

Where Does Happiness Come From? & Quotes of the Day

Dare to leave a mark, leave a legacy in life, be at the apex, the zenith level where actualizers and achievers are celebrated.
-Sheunopa Vushemakota-

Whatever beauty here on earth is seen,
To meet the longing and perceptive eye.
Is semblance of that source divine,
From whence we all are come.
In this alone we catch a glimpse of Heaven.

My friend Anne wanted to know my interpretation of this question...

Where does happiness come from?

At first I said I thought I may have to ponder this for awhile... but my very first thought was "Happiness comes from within." So that is MY quote of the day and you may quote me on it. To me, it is doing something you really love to do like I am doing with my art now. Its the little things that mean a lot to me and make me the most happiest. It is finding lost keys or something you couldn't find for a long time. It is not a bouquet of roses. It is the one flower Don picks for me from our yard and brings to me with a kiss. It is my child making us laugh. It is the sound of my child's laughter.

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