Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Latest Abstract

I took this pic of this whirly-gig in Warms Springs, GA. With a digi camera, it stops the movement so you get no blurred effects as when you actually watch it spinning. I printed out several copies of this on paper. I cropped by cutting some of the background out of it. I thought of using this as the abstract for Stephanie and Amanda's Christmas gift, but I am not exactly thrilled with it. I'd need bigger size poster to glue them onto than what I have on hand at home. I attempted to draw it freehand, but it has turned into something else entirely as my work tends to do. I do like my free form. It may take me until Christmas to finish it with all of the tiny details. It has all sort of things in it like a fox and wolf, some eyes which I haven't put pupils in yet and I may not. We'll see... I am just having fun being creative. It is good to be using my colored pencils again. Its nice to know I haven't lost my touch with them.
I went through some old matted drawings from my art class days years ago and I can see how far I have come; how much I have improved my style and skills. I need to work on an old one I did of woman's eye.
the RAV

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