Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I Love you to Death! My Halloween Wish for you....

Don actually unbeknowinglycreated this photo. The skeleton was from last year's Halloween party. He was lying on our table and we brought him home with us. He hang up over the stove for a long awhile until Don put him behind my heart magnet on the fridge. When I first got my digi camera, I took this picture back in August. The title immediately came to me "I love you to death!". I knew it would be our Halloween card this year. Since I got into postcards during the summer, I saw it as a postcard. All this week I felt like there was something I was supposed to be doing... besides finishing up my Autumn postcards swap. It was making this picture into a postcard or a card. I saw it lying on the Rhett's desk (that Tiffany and Nancy gave him) this morning. Oh NO! So I sent it out as an email to all our friends and family. I saved on postage. LOL. I also submitted it to as a postage stamp. Zazzle has made some changes so it has been frustrating getting my stuff to upload lately.

Today I was going thru old emails and saw one I sent out that was sent back to me which gave me great inspiration today... it was cartoons and one of them was about cups of faith. After reading it, I drew simple cups of faith and grace on a 3x5 postcard. I will color it in with colored pencils later. Then from that I came up with the following poem:

My Halloween Wish for You

If I had my way,
EVERY day would be Halloween!
Then we could be a different character each day.
This is my Halloween wish for you...

Today I wish you...
warm cups of faith overflowing with love
as they grace your table as well as your life.
May you have oodles of hope in your sugar jar.
May your sweet tooth lead you to a forgotten treasure
or to new found ones.
May peace be underneth your pillow tonight
and bring you pleasant dreams
that come true upon the morrow.

Happy Halloween!

Becky (aka theRAV), Don & Rhett

P. S. I am very proud of myself today for getting the email out instead of a late Halloween card; for my submissions to; for this post; for the poem. I am most thankful for it all.

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