Monday, October 29, 2007

Rhett's Latest Creation

Friday, Oct. 26, 2007. I opened a box of Puffs. The cardboard piece I removed looked almost like an egg. I used it as a template to create the image repeatedly on my doodle pad. It took less than an hour to complete the outline not that I was actually timing myself.

I submitted another photo of a "peach rose" to for a postcard and it was accepted. Genie liked this one, but she is not in the market for postcards. I did not think peach was her color.

Luckily we got off early so I could do my banking errands. I had two bills to pay also. I ran into my friend Jim. I bought a blouse I'd tried on to wear for our Halloween party. I justified it by telling myself I would wear it again to the Christmas party providing it is not freezing. I suppose I could wear my black turtleneck underneath it.

I still had to stop and get the rest of Jenny's shower gifts, a gift bag and a bow for one of the boxes. When I reached my folk's house to pick up Rhett, Daddy was handing me a thank you card for the church thanking him for all the cards and prayers they send during his eye surgery. Mom was trying to tell me about Aunt Pearl who's nose was bleeding again after her nasal surgery. Then Rhett was trying to tall to me ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I was a bit overwhelmed. I don't recall anything Rhett said during all this mass confusion. He did show me a paper plane he made. I took a picture of it but will post it here later...

I got pizza and hot wings for supper. I love Domino's thin crust pizza! We watched the last 30 mins of "Ghost Whisperer" and the new vampire show "Moonlight". I started getting a sinus headache. I know this because I could feel it moving. I watched "Vegas" which now has Tom Selleck on it. He had his old Magnum buddies on the show. Wonder if Genie saw it or knows about it? I took a hay fever pill & two Alleve and went to bed. I did not wake up til almost 12 pm and I had a baby shower to go to!!!

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