Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Not My day (Updated)

It seems I have a lot of catching up to do....

9/24/07 The alarm went off too early for me. I got Rhett up earlier so he could eat breakfast at school. Then I headed over to my parent's house to take them for his eye surgery. Daddy was sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper as is his morning ritual. Mom was in the living room in his chair watching "Soap Net" while eating toast. She was still in her night clothes. "Aren't you going to go?" I asked her from the laundry room. They both said it was Thursday at the same time. I KNOW she told me Monday because I got off for it immediately after she called me to tell me Daddy was having surgery which blew me away. This seems to happen quite frequently and I don't misunderstand. I just stood there in the middle of the floor and dropped my head in Tom Selleck fashion. Daddy apologized for the misunderstanding. Mom asked if I wanted to whip her now.

I tried to lay down, but was unable to fall asleep. I was still too livid. So I got up and went on into work. I played Rhett's game boy in the car with the motor running in order to be cooled by the air conditioning. I know its a waste of gas, but I did it anyway. I had my silver sun visor in the windshield. A guard came to my window because my lights were on and scared the crap out of me! I decide it would be best to go inside. I just switched my vacation day to Thursday. All I could do was shake my head.

I let little things get to me today because of this morning's event. Like a SGT questioning 6 days vacation taken back in June. Where has he been all this time? Not paying attention to his pay voucher obviously.

I had to pay my JCPenney bill after work. My good friend Jimmy begain working there again part time after all these years. I called to see if he was working. The girl told me she could not tell me that information because it was against their privacy act. I was so mad, I was mumbling like a crazy old lady. It wasn't like I am a stalker and was going there to shoot him!

I went on to JCP. I headed to Jimmy's department. I passed one of the managers; one of my old bosses whom I liked. We exchanged greetings. Then I asked him if I could ask him a question... "Since when did ya'll start not telling if someone is working over the phone?"He rolled his eyes which reminded me of myself. He said it was a new dumb privacy policy. Then he told me, "They just didn't know who you are." Which made me feel good. Did he think I still worked there? He told me to call him or Cindy. Like I am going to do that everytime I want to see my friend! It certainly isn't the ole JCP anymore.

Jim wasn't in his department so I walked up the mall where I found a pair of comfy shoes. Black Sam & Libby ballerina slippers that are far more comfortable than their old version. I was excited about them. I walked back through his department. I asked a lady if he was working in case he was on a supper break. She seemed geniunely sorry I missed him. She also asked if she could tell him who I was. I just said my first name.

When I told Don about it, he said I should have told the lady on the phone that I was Jimmy's wife! I thought that was funny. I am sure Jimmy will get a kick out of it too. I emailed all our JCP buds about it. All agreed it is not the same place as when we worked there.

I am going to try to catch up from here....
9/27/07 Took Daddy to his eye surgery. It was like old home school week for us. He saw a nurse from Tom's who is a retiree like himself. He always liked and spoke highly of Maddie. She walked in dressed in slacks and a jacket holding herself upright proudly as I am sure she was brought up to do as a southern lady. My second thought of her was she could not see very well, had tried to draw her eyebrows on, but had them above her own eyebrows. Daddy waved at her to come over where we were sitting. We moved down a seat for her. At a closer look, I thought perhaps she had fallen, broken her glasses and they cut into her forehead. Later I found out she just had an eyebrow lift in order to improve her vision. I didn't know optomologists did that type of surgery. I thought only dermatologists did that sort of thing now days.

Maddie saw someone she knew at the receptionist's desk. She said it was her Sunday school teacher. Maddie jumped up to speak to the woman and just threw her big ole square purse in my Daddy's lap! I couldn't get over it. I was having one of those silent belly shaking with laughter moments. Mom didn't see it so she wasn't doing the same laugh as me. It reminds me when my Grandmother Graddy would laugh. Mom said Maddie did this because all the retirees are so close and see after each other.

Maddie's Sunday school teacher just happened to be my old Sunday school teacher, Mrs. Gross. Mrs. Gross has a granddaughter named Wesley, who our granddaughter Wesley Rose is name after. I just had to share that story with her. Small world which seems to get smaller daily.

While Mom and Daddy went back for his surgery, I remained in the waiting area with Maddie. Daddy's sister Virginia, who is NOT my favorite aunt came rolling in in a wheelchair. I excused myself to Maddie to go speak to Aunt Va. She almost ran me over! She didn't know who I was. How can you forget me? (Later her daughter Leslee would say in an email that she knew exactly who I was.) Now granted its been two years since my surgery when she saw me last. She hatefully said, "Why don't you ever stop by the house on your way home from work?" Who would want to stop after that comment? "Always on the run" was my reply. So I helped her with her paperwork the best I could. My cuz Robbie was outside smoking. I went to get him, but couldn't remain in his smoke and told him that. Aunt Va has not been to the eye dr in awhile so she doesn't understand that you need to update your medical information. She acted alot like her mother trying to fill out the forms. Robbie would tell her to circle what condition she had on the form such as "stroke" or "cataracts". She strongly insisted she had not had that surgery. He argued she had. It went back and forth. Upon his second insistance that she had which was too loud, I shushed him. There were people sitting too close nearby staring at us. I didn't want them to think we were poor white trash. It felt like one of those crazy, dysfunctional families on a talk show such as Montel.

Once the forms were filled, we wheeled her over so the three of us could talk until they called her back. Her chair wasn't exactly out of the way which didn't seem to bother her in the least. Later when she went back to see the dr., Robbie told me she didn't need the chair. She can walk. She chooses not to. This way she gets attention and people will move out of her way or she might get service faster. It made me grateful... I can still walk and not be in one of those chairs.

While she was gone, Robbie and I talked about computers. I couldn't show him any of my digital pics because the battery was charging at mom's. He said he could work on our computer, but I am not sure I want him to do that. Robbie was born with birth defects due to all the sleeping pills his mom took while pregnant with him. He had all sorts of learning disabilities, speech problems, etc as a child. He has overcome a lot and I am very proud of him and the man he is today. He holds a job at a foundry. I am just afraid he would make our computer problems far worse than they are already.

He does have a Photo Shop program he said he could load on our computer. I'd like to at least try it out... If I went to his house, that would require spending time with her because if I did not she'd bitch about it.

I saw Sallie S. from high school. We discussed the recent email about a 50th birthday bash. Sallie said the email doesn't always go thru to her computer. She gave me her phone #, cell & email address to contact her. She wrote it in the back of The Choice by Nicholas Sparks.

Daddy's surgery took over an hour. They did have to re-adjust the implant. It took 12 stitches. They also had to do something to the tear duct so I am not sure if some of the stitches were for that. He seemed to be doing ok. I have to take him back in the morning so it can be re-checked. He'll get the stitches out next week, but he thinks he'll be able to drive himself. Then I have to take mom to her dr on Friday. I guess its a good thing I haven't taken much vacation time this year since Don got a new job. It seems I am taking time off to take my parents to dr's appointments now. My friend Bob said its good that I have the time to do it and he is right.

We were just thankful everything went well. Thanks for your prayers on his behalf. I just hope he doesn't rub or scratch it anymore because I know they can't keep doing repair work on it.

I made another abstract this afternoon. I am very proud of it. I put a beautiful blue, purple, lavendar and gold circle patch on my fave jeans which have a hole above the knee. I know jeans with holes are in style, but I don't want air-conditioning when it gets cooler! I took the jeans to the cleaners to get another smaller hole bar-tacked as per my mom's suggestion. While there I saw another classmate, Walkie who works at the laundry. He remembered me. We discussed the birthday bash. He said he'll be there. He has aged well. He has that salt and pepper hair I have always been attracted to. Speaking of which I love Donald Southerland's white hair! This reminded me that my sweet Aunt Va told me I was was almost completely gray now. Gee thanks. Later I learned she told my cuz Leslee this too!

9/28/07 Stephanie's birthday.

Took Daddy to back to the dr. They removed the bandage. His eye was purple and had a lot of stitches going down the right side of the corner of his eye not the tear duct as I thought. Guess that is why I am not an optomologist. I made the mistake of eating Krystals before going to work.

Everyone asked about Daddy when I got to the office. I told them the story about Maddie and her purse. Don called me at lunch to ask if I wanted to go out to eat. When he said Olive Garden, I didn't sound excited because it is not my favorite. We haven't been there in over a year. It seems Stephanie, his youngest daughter, was not going out of town as planned tonight. That is where she wanted to go for her birthday.

I had to pay two bills. I stopped at JCP in hopes of seeing my friend Jimmy. First, I talked with Patsy in catalog to inquire about her former boss who had a stroke. Patsy told me I just missed Jim. Then I had to go to the bathroom. The light wasn't working in there so I reported it to Mr. C. Jimmy was busy settling in for the evening so I went down the mall to Wolf camera to print the photos I took this week and pay one bill. I came back to Jimmy who was still busy with customers so I had to wait. I gave him 2 copies of the pics of the postcards I made. One for him, the other for our friend Bob as a surprise to lift his spirits. He told me I inspired Bob to draw a character he used to draw. Bob tried to send it to me but it wouldn't go through.

I had an order from Don to be home by 6:30. We arrived just seconds ahead of him. He showered and we headed to Olive Garden which is like going to a new town. We found a good parking place right in front. I spotted Steph and Amanda. They stood up and waved. Steph held the beeper up in the air so I figured the table was ready. Perfect timing.

We caught up on things while deciding what to order. Amanda asked if we minded if she had a glass of wine. I told her no. In fact, I'd thought of getting a beer earlier but I was over it. I told her she could get it if I could have a sip. Its been a long time since I've had wine. It burned my throat and I didn't like the taste of it. It wasn't lambrusco. I took pics before the food arrived.

Amanda asked if anything exciting happened besides work. I told them about my postcard swap. How I was insecure about my first abstract and what people would think of it and me. Then I showed them my postcards on the camera. They loved the picture of Esme (see previous post). Amanda showed me a pic on her camera phone of something she was making for Steph's birthday. It was so awesome! It was a collage of eyes. I was so jealous. I am sure I saw something almost like it on

I ordered stuffed mushrooms, fried cheese wedges and fried zuchinni. The later had been cooked too long but the" shrooms" as my cuz Lance calls them were excellenta!

After a good meal full of laughter, we said our goodbyes in the parking lot. We left at 8:45. They called on the way home, but I thought it was mom calling me on Don's cell even though I knew I had my cell on. It was Amanda asking me if I 'd like to do a large abstract for them as a Christmas gift they could frame. I couldn't believe it! No one has ever asked me to do that before. I asked if they wanted the 1st abstract I did but Amanda said I could do something else.

Watched the season premier of "Vegas" which was two hours long. I almost fell asleep on the last half hour.

I awoke with an idea... of using my newest abstract for Stephanie & Amanda's Christmas gift. Then I had another one... for a postcard of "theRAV". The later was the only one I worked on today.

I got up at 6:30 am to read the ending of The Choice which I wanted to throw across the waiting room of the optomologist's yesterday because one of the main characters dies in childbirth. It left me all depressed the remainder of the day. I figured I could read it which I did, but cried as if Lexie were a member of my own family. I was all weepy. My nose got stuffy. I was hocking up mucas and woke up Rhett. I crawled in bed with him. He sleepily asked what I had been doing. I told him I read a book that was really sad in that just been crying voice. My voice quivered as if I couldn't breathe. He asked if someone got killed perceptive child of mine that he is. He told me "it was just a book." I had to get some nasal spray before I could go back to sleep. Did not think I could sleep but I did. The book left me in a funk the rest of the day. I will go back to my vampire books. At least they don't make you cry. I have had cry for the year. I am purged.

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