Monday, October 29, 2007

Rhettman, Unmasked

I applied gray eyeshadow around Rhett's eyes so it would look more realistic underneath his mask of an Orange County Skull biker. The mask along with the pleather jacket was too hot for him so he removed the mask. He got this thing he is holding as a treat for going to the "fishing pond". It was sort of neat. When you squeezed it, the brains puffed up yellow instead of red through the mesh surrounding it. The next morning he went to sqeeze it and the brain fluid poured out on the rug. Don got it up with a spoon and it didn't even leave a spot on the rug! I wanted to take a picture of the yellow ooze being the sick person that I am. I was joking around about it while Rhett was about to cry over spilt brain goo! I asked him if he lost his brains? He did not like that too much. Not appreciating his momma's humor at that moment in time.

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