Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I am a Friend's Ear

Today I am... my friend Cheryl's ear. I like that. I take it as a great compliment. It made me feel good. I have never been someone's ear before. What made you feel good today?

I received two really good, upbeat emails from my friend Bob today. Stephanie sent the "Roon Sirbees" email to me which is one of my all time favorites. I sent it out again. My good deed and laugh for the day combined

I fixed our new electric pencil sharpener this morning. I am good! The can opener worked last night so Don doesn't have to buy me a new one. He said he wasn't going to anyway! I just laughed at him. He knew I was in a better mood.

Rhett's poster is almost complete. Just have to finish it up tonight. He was coloring the sky with a indigo blue colored pencil. I realized we could add a cloud from the shape he'd shaded so we added not one but two. It floored me where that idea came from out of the blue. LOL We make a great artistic team.

I have to pay my JCP bill today. Hope to see my friend Jim. Then we have to go to the funeral home. We may arrive about the same time Don gets there from work.

I am so thankful for this day. For this good mood I am in. May it continue....

I forgot I submitted a button idea to and it was accepted! It was pretty simple... orange background with the word "VAMP" on it in a funky black font. It cost less than $2. I could afford one of them! LOL

Today I submitted another idea similar to the one above to zazzle. It said:
"VAMP That I AM"

Then I submitted a second one to the contest section that was a hot pink background with this saying:

"I'd rather be creating something to sell on"

My friend Genie said, "You are going to town with creative ideas lately." In case you don't know it or are not from the south, "going to town" is a southern expression. My friend Jimmy uses it a lot too.

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