Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Cotton Pickin' Fair 2007

The first picture Rhett took in the bathroom of the Paradise Cafe. Because I had on brown and the wallpaper was done in tiki, I thought it would look better than it does. I don't like my expression in the picture. Ever the critic. The second is a picture Rhett took of the table cloth at the Paradise Cafe where we ate lunch. His was better than mine so we deleted mine and kept his.

Rhett and I planned to go to the Cotton Pickin' Fair Saturday. It was overcast, but not so hot when departed. We had to go a different direction due to the Tuskeegee/Morehouse parade downtown. We stopped at Penny's old church because they always have a yard sale that day. I got a watch like one I'd seen at Bella's place for 50 cents! It has a blue velvet band. See picture in the "The Watch Lady" post.
I spoke with Penny's minister before we left the church parking lot. I told him about seeing her and her family during the summer and what a great visit we had. There was an elderly black lady who walked up and said she "could feel the spirit" as she came upon the church. I'm sure that would make Penny smile.
We stopped at a couple of yard sales along the way. By the time we got to Waverly Hall, Rhett told me NOT to stop ANYMORE! I told him oh yes we were! They always have a big one in that town. I saw an old friend we used to sit with when we country line danced when Don and I first met. I had not seen Helen in awhile. Once again she saw me before I saw her. We talked awhile and caught up with each other. She asked about my folks as well as Aunt Pearl and Uncle Bert. I told her how Uncle Bert has to use a wheelchair now if they are out for long periods of time. All they talk about is when they die, what they'll be buried in, etc. So sad. Now I am standing there with my digi camera around my neck. I should have taken her picture. She looks so much better now with her strawberry blonde colored hair and her make up is different; more flattering. She does her lips so well. I was wearing a brown oufit. Helen couldn't believe I didn't have on pink. I only bought a bottle of glitter nail polish from her. I hated not to buy at least something. I plan to use the glitter on some of my artwork and did.

Then I ran into my friend David's step mom who I had not seen in years. Teresa told me her daughter Kelly was supposed to be around somewhere. I spied Kelly with her daughter Gracie who is the cutest muchkin. Gracie's father is Spanish. Gracie reminds of Boo in "Monster Inc." Kelly and I talked a long time; to the point of Rhett interrupting to say, "Can we go now?" more than once! He wanted to go buy a game he'd seen earlier.
I regret that I didn't take pictures of Kelly's family and I was showing Kelly my artwork on the camera which was hard to see in the direct sunlight. I am kicking myself now. Note to self:
Seize every Kodak Moment.

Once we got to Warm Spring we stopped to eat at the Paradise Cafe where I like to stop and eat . They have very good burgers. Rhett got chicken & dumplings with cornbread, but he said it wasn't very good and I was not going to get a doggie bag for it. We all took these pictures. They are out of sequence. He kept taking the top one and would zoom in to his nostrils, thinking that was just the funniest thing. Boys!

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