Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Frustrating Day

As if my day yesterday wasn't bad enough, Rhett informed me the lunch lady said he owed $2.50. My anger returned because I KNOW I have given him money every day. I always make sure he has the correct change even if I have none. NOW he tells me a friend stole his money one day. Some friend! I asked him why he didn't tell me before today? He says he can't remember everything. He also forgot his math homework so he has to go to school early to finish it. I will go see the lunch lady when I drop him off.

There is supposed to be a way of paying for his lunches on line. It looks like I will have to do that now.

So I started fixing supper consisting of sausage, real french fries and biscuits. I'd asked mom to make me up a pan of biscuits since my head was still hurting so bad which she did. I bought her some sausage in return for the favor.

I told Don about the cracker incident. He took the warden's side which increased my anger another degree or three. I told him I should have known he would do that.

Don called his dad since it was his birthday. By then I was ready to cook the fries and sausage. We found out our friend Dallas in Indy had the laproscopy gall bladder surgery and was fine. Then his mule drug him down the road. He is pretty stove up from it. Need to send him a card.

I'd cut my fries in thin slices but used the wrong pan. I probably didn't have the grease hot enough so they stuck to the pan. I am going to throw that one away and get a new one. I dropped two pieces of sausage on the floor. Don just had to have a can of baked beans. The lid got stuck on my new can opener. I was not a happy cook at this point. Even kissing the cook wouldn't have helped. The can opener is one of those new fangled ones you sit on top of the can & it cuts around the sides by itself. I love it! Don finally got the lid out of it. Now I am not sure if it will work again until I try to open another can. I told him if it doesn't work, he could buy me a new one! Next I dropped the biscuits on the floor. I'm really surprised I didn't burst into tears. I guess I am made of stronger stuff. I am woman, hear me roar. It made me think of Genie when everything was falling apart with her. Also I thought of one of Rhett's first baby books Grover's Bad, Awful Day. Grover had a really bad day much like I had today. The moral of it is it has to be better the next day.

Too tired to work on Rhett's poster.We went to bed early.

This morning I was determined I would have a better day than yesterday.I was not going to let anything I was not get to me.

After yesterday I will never be able to look at a box of Club crackers the same again. Now they will always be a reminder of the cracker incident.

It seems that the warden in on a "Let's clean up Becky's area kick" even though he says he is not picking on me. Yeah right. Why is it always me? I have an enclosed shelf that opens out on my back wall. On top of it is an old color printer I no longer use. It was too frustrating to switch back and forth between two printers. I love my HP laser printer I use now. I have a pack of unused printer paper for the current said printer, my office supply catalog I order from several times during the month, and a phone book. Stuff I use on a daily basis. How can a man be so bothered by computer paper, supply catalogs and a phone book that are used daily? At least I look like I work in my area!

When I first began working here, my cubicle had two areas or a partion between making one tiny cubicle and an open area. I used to perform one task on one side in the morning and another on the other side in the afternoon. I even had two phones; one on each side. A few years ago, I don't know if he thought I was hiding in the back which I was not. I even sat out front if I had nothing more to do. Or he could not view EVERYTHING I was doing. Now the warden paid a local office supply company to dismantle the partion of the cubicle so it was one big open area which cost us money. He loves spending money on unnecesary things like this as well as banners. That took away some of my storage space. I could have stock piled in the back area and no one would have been able to see it unless they went into our breakroom and few folks did walk back there. Most of the officers couldn't care less.

The warden says the first thing you see when you walk into the room is the stuff on the top of my shelf. A few years ago I'd had a self stick matt I used to keep notes on, stuck to the outside of the shelf. He made me take that down because it was the first thing people saw. I thought it was cute myself. I placed it over anther shelf that can't be seen unless you look for it. I feel like he stifles my personality coming out in my work area.

We are having big wigs coming through the prison next month who will just probably say hello, shake our hand and leave, never giving us a second thought. So he is moving the printer to the break room behind my desk, getting me some sort of storeage boxes to put the stuff on top of the shelf inside. I'd asked for a filing cabinet because I really do need one. I share just two drawers out of another with the secretary and I have far more paperwork. I have three plastic storage boxes underneath a corner of my desk now. There is room for one more. Any more and I will have no place to put my legs.

He has pulled crap like this before, but I am not letting him get to me today. A stress free day is indeed a rarity. Still we can only hope for them....

The deputy warden was supposed to pick up some sort of storage boxes for me, but he returned empty handed after lunch. So I ordered another storage box from the catlog over the shelf he wants removed. I will just dig in it daily, but won't find any valuable hidden treasures there. Just the same old paperwork that was in a folder on the top of my desk.

I attempted to go on line to pay for Rhett's lunches. There was nothing at his school's site. I had to call the school who connected me with the lunchroom. I was supposed to go to another site which looked like it had nothing to do with his school. I had to register. Then I needed his student number which is his social security number which I don't know off the top of my head. Don does. So it made me feel like a terrible mom for not knowing my child's social security number. The lady also gave me an 866 number to call. It would not accept his social and said he was not a student in his current school system! Well, I should have called the lunchroom manger to begin with and could just hear Don saying, "Yeah. That's what you should have done." She told me to try the last 5 numbers of his social. Five? Didn't work. She said someone else must be using some of the numbers in his last four. She gave me another number to try which I did. Didn't work. Didn't work adding 00 to either numbers. Then it hit me, could someone else be using his ss# and that is why he owed $2.50? She said not but I gotta wonder... Before this I had called the 866 number and it said he was in a -$2.50 balance which may not have been credited for today. Or did he really owe anything? So I asked her if I could just send a check? I can so I will do that tomorrow when I go in the school yet again to make sure no one is using his social security number. Talk about frustrating!

I can remember when going to school was simple, easy and fun. Those days are gone.

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