Friday, October 12, 2007

The Dr's Visit

Yesterday I ordered a dinner from the Food Nazi at the Royal Cafe again. We placed our order at 11 am. The two ladies left in plenty of time for it be ready for pick up. Rhett had a dr's appointment at 3. Nowdays you have to check your child out of school before 2 pm. The ladies were not back by 1 or 1:15 so I was in a state. I knew I had to leave by 1:30 in order to get to Rhett's school by 2. They arrived at 1:20 so I had 10 minutes to eat and I am a slow eater. I ate what I could and took the rest of it with me. I saved my sweet iced tea for Rhett who is a tea-totaler from way back.

When I arrived at his school, I had to ring the doorbell in order to be allowed entrance. The Vice principal told me I'd made it in the nick of time. I was nice, but they were going to give me my child!

On the way to the car, Rhett wanted to know why he was going to the dr. I told him he was not up to date on his shots which I shouldn't have said. He didn't want a shot. He remembered how that felt and didn't like it because it hurt. I told him I was sorry about that. He hardly drank any of the tea so I knew he was upset. There had been an outbreak of chicken pox at the school. he had that when he was a baby. I figured I would have to provide a current shot record next and if his were not up-to-date, they might let him attend school. I tried to explain this to him.

We get to the Dr's office. I had to stand in line to sign him in. I was told as I was writing his name that there was no doctors present today. The husband and wife team had an emergency. Now I am mad because no one called me. They told me they did call me, but they called the home phone. DUH. I was not at home. I was at work. I was not a nice person. I raised my voice and I told them they needed to put in his file to call me at my work number. They asked for my cell phone number also which I rarely have turned on. So next time they will call me on my cell first and it won't be on! I told them I'd gotten off work, pulled him out of school and they apologized again. The lady tried to placate me by telling me I could come back whenever it was better for me. I told them I was not pulling him out of school again in order to be there by 3:00.

When she asked the lady at the computer to give me the next appointment after 3, I could tell she didn't like it one bit, but at that point I did not care. So they gave me one at 3:30 on Monday, Oct. 15th. (My friend Bonnie's birthday.) In my angry state, I left my book I was reading on the counter. I didn't discover this until we got to mom's. I called them to see if I left it there and I did indeed. Luckily the dr's office is close to mom's so I went back to get it. The title of the book is California Demon by Julie Kenner. I am sure when they read the title, they thought, "No, she is an Alabama Demon!"

The air wasn't working in the car again. I had a letter to mail, a bank deposit to make. The air started working so I didn't take it to an air place. I caught up on my blog. I learned how to remove unwanted pictures off of my blog. I feel sort of dumb for not figuring it out before now.

I saw an old classmate who is in a wheelchair and told him about the birthday bash.

Don thinks the air problems with the car are electrical and going to the air place would have been a waste of time and money so he thought it was good I didn't go there.

The heat wouldn't come on in the car this morning. The temperture dropped into the 50's. I guess if I tell Don I will have to start driving his monster truck, he will get it fixed.

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