Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Green Sphere

As my world turns... I am at the point now where I feel the need to create something EVERYDAY but that doesn't always happen. Just more pressure on myself. I get depressed when I don't do something like I did when I wrote poetry a lifetime ago. If I didn't write at least one poem a day, it was a bad day for me. Now the same thing for not creating something.

I had not created anything in a day or so. Yesterday Rhett got this ball from the optomologist's nurse when Daddy got his stitches removed. The ball looked neat so I HAD to take a picture. First, I had him hold it close to his own eye as if it were his eyeball, but that didn't work. I didn't like his expression either. Too picky again. I had it propped up against my camera bag, but there were too many things in the pic I didn't want there. If I moved something, it would roll off. I knew not to place it in a white bowl because the flash would wash the color out. I asked Mom for a colored bowl. Mom found this ashtray that belonged to Madge so I placed it inside of it. In the camera's viewfinder, it looked oriental. The colors wowed me. When I looked at it through Picasa, the sphere shows up much more clearly and intensely. It reminded me of a crystal ball.I haven't printed it yet, but I am very proud of it. Hope you like it too. accepted FIVE of my designs yesterday!!!!! You can view them under "theRAV" if I did not send them to you as an email.

One creation a day. One picture a day. My new mantra.

What did you create today?

This picture is so cool to me that I almost hate to add another post. I did print it out at Wolf camera. The top of the green sphere was cut off so I was really disappointed. I don't understand when it clearly shows up whole here and on Picasa. I will try to reprint it at Walmart.

My friend Anne said it had "good color balance wtih complimenting colors."


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