Friday, October 19, 2007

Dual Leaf

Rhett was supposed to have a field trip today to an Indian festival in a nearby town. I failed to ask off in time in order to go with him so I called in dead to work. The weather chose to pour this morning. I called his school to see if they were still going and was told they were as planned. I couldn't believe it! So I grabbed jackets for us. I took 2 Dramamine because I was going to ride the bus to save gas and I got extremely bus sick when I went on his Kindergarten field trips. I dropped him off, parked the car and went to sign myself in. His teacher was in the office and told me they had called the placed and it had been cancelled. Here I am all dressed in jeans with many pockets (sounds almost like an Indian name, doesn't it?) as if I were going to a craft show. I almost had a wreck on the way back to the house to change clothes. I honestly felt like the hand of God was across my front bumper to keep me from hitting a car I didn't see. I went home to change so I could go on into work. The Dramamine had me feeling loopy and made me want to just stay in bed.

I stopped to got crackers on the way to work. The convience store clerk said she'd order some Mrs. Freshley's snowballs and caffeine free Pepsi for me which made my morning. I stopped at another gas station to see if they had any snowballs, but they didn't. I'd left my big bag at home with one inside of it and I felt naked without the bag like I do when I forgot to put on my rings. Upon getting out of my car, I saw the above dual colored leaf so naturally I took a picture of it. I thought it was neat with the rain on the road. It would be good in my Autumn postcard swap also which I need to make this weekend and mail.

The dual colored leaf is a lot like me.... Some times I am one color. Sometimes I am another but I like to think my colors compliment each other. One side is Becky. The other is Rebecca.

I fought off the effects of the Dramamine most of the morning. Nothing really held my interest for very long. I didn't even feel like drawing. Just wanted to sleep. Next time I'll wait to take the Dramamine and if I do that, I may still get bus sick. I am glad Rhett has a strong stomach like his Daddy.

Today marks the beginning of hunting season. Don says he is not prepared for it yet. It rained this morning so he couldn't go. Maybe someone is trying to tell him something... I found it funny it rained and he couldn't go. Sick sense of humor that I have.

May the things you find today have a dual purpose for you.

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