Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Self Portrait Photo Shoot Saturday

Some days are just moments. Some better than others. Then some of those moments come close to sheer perfection. Others not so much. Ups and downs. Some Chapters of our lives are long while others are very short lived. May all the chapters of your live be long ones, filled with love and happily-ever-afterings. ~quoththeRAV~
If I were to paint the perfect round rock as McCabe from my Autumn postcard swap does on her blog, (go to http:www.dancingmermaid.com/blog/
Today, I'd paint one a lovely shade of lavendar. Then paint the word "Luv" on it. I would like to start doing these soon... I found one almost perfectly round rock in the parking lot of our car insurance' company when I paid our insurance. It is still in the car underneath the seat waiting to be painted into a life of it's own... It is not screaming, "Paint me!" yet. I'd probably make one that said "Create" also. That seems to be my word now. I also want to come up with something unique like with my "Blessings" photo. I am sure it will come to me...
Today was self portrait photo shoot Saturday. Because I have been having problems with my poor over-worked eyes due to my art work, computer use and playing games on the game boy & Nintendo DS, my make up has been bothering me also. I worry that I will no longer be able to wear it and I purchased some new, expensive stuff not too long ago. So I used my little magic trick... I darkened my eyebrows with my brown eyeshadow. Then I used the new pink Sheer Cover highlighter/blush my friend Anne gave me for my birthday and my fave lipstick cherry plum by Red Earth from Ulta. Again I was following my less is more rule. When I tried to photograph my face in our bathroom mirror, I felt I looked far too old so I deleted most of them! I finally got several shots that I felt I could live with, not cringe in horror at the older version of myself and let the world view them. Of course they were not close-ups, showing every wrinkle. It sucks to get old! Why couldn't I be more like Dorian Gray and never age past my 21st birthday?
This is like one of those seek-n-find the missing item in the picture. I realilzed the calendar was in the way in the background as well as out-dated so I removed it from the last photo. Did you notice?

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