Thursday, January 3, 2008

My New Year's Hope & Resolution, My Fortune Cookie for 1/3/07

You will inherit an unexpected sum of money within the year.

From the fortune cookie to God's ears... Would that I could. I hope it means that I will sell some of my artwork this year which is my New Year's Hope not a resolution that will be broken or left undone. My resolution was not to stress this year. Just when I thought it was a good one and I could possible keep it, I got angry at work with a selfish co-worker. Then I was mad she made me feel that way. I am thankful I am more considerate of others.

I have discovered a new art blog:

I wish to quote her...

"Each act of creating art was catharsis."

I went from her site to one of her links to a postcard club, but you almost have to have an art degree to become a member. They charge a fee also. Still it was fun looking at their ideas although they were a bit intimidating because they were so good. There were some photos that were similar to my fall photos for the last postcard swap in which I participated. They were having a contest using letters which was sort of ironic since I took a photo of an R at a mall between Tenn & Kentucky. I planned to use mine in the scrapbook. It would have worked for this contest also had I been qualified to participate. Oh, well... eventually. Some day...

May you have only good fortunes in the New Year. Don't stress. Always have hope.


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