Monday, January 7, 2008

Pre-birthday Collage

On Sat. Jan 5, 2008, flowers arrived from my best friend Genie for my birthday. They were lovely but I couldn't find the picture to upload them here. I was so wishey-washey the entire day. We went to the regular movies to see "Enchanted" with Steph & her friend Amanda. The movie was very good or I liked it. Dr. McDreamy is now McPrince. The artwork at the end was amazing. I guess it inspired me because when we came home I began working on this one. The idea came from the Create Every Day blog where I read I should get a magazine and cut out things that were important to me in 2008. I'd already cut stuff out. Those words were calling out to me from the box they were inside. This is another lap photo without flash. I hope you can read it.

In case you can't read it, I used a quote:
"Hope is a thing with feathers that perches in the soul." ~Dickinson~
I used hope, art, faith, wish, wishing hours, time, dream, hearts and dots, a cup of creativi-tea, simple blessings, a tag that says "Today's the day to sparkle" and an unknown quote that said, "Let us be grateful to those who make our souls blossom." and
"treasure each moment".

I think it is finished. It took a few hours out of two days to make and inspired me with another idea which is my next post. So I am on a creative roll again.


Blogger's Note: I printed these out at Walmart yesterday and realized this one is blurry. Sorry. The 1st pic I took of it is better but it has less on it. It made me think LESS IS MORE. I will try to switch the pictures out. I got really good feedback on this from my friend Cheryl who really liked it.

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