Friday, February 29, 2008

Columbus Water Towers

After reading Dot's post about water towers earlier in this month, I did not think there were any here in Columbus, GA., but I was wrong! In fact, I pass this one by almost every morning so I was rather shocked when I noticed it. It was near an old mill that is no longer. The downtown area has been revitalized. What a difference each week has made since I took the 1st photo. The next week it looked like they were painting it a cream color. Then this week they put this cover on it for reasons unknown to me. I guess it is an extreme make over. Then I realized I pass by two giant white water towers on the way to work twice daily. I tried to snap a quick one in between cars this morning, but it didn't work and I didn't zoom in for a close up. I thought this sequence worked much better anyway. There is another old one near where a mill burned down. It probably has more burn marks, smudges and character but I like these because they tell a story.

If you would like to participate in Dot's search for water towers, please go to her post on it:

P. S. When I rode by here on Saturday afternoon, the cover had been removed. It was fully painted so maybe it was just a cover in case of bad weather and to let the paint dry. We passed by maybe 4 & 1/2 water towers on the way to Dothan. I say a half because one was dismantled and was being worked on. They were not as interesting so I did not take any photos.

P. P. S. As I drove by this tower this morning in the pouring rain, I saw that it looks like the top of it has been painted white or maybe silver again. The bottom half remains yellow. I prefer the yellow. You can tell the middle shot was taken on a different day because it has clouds in it which would have made a good Sky watch photo.Posted by Picasa

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dot said...

That's really interesting about the tower. I wonder why the cover on the tower and what are those things sticking out on top? Lots of questions. lol. Great shots!