Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Z is for.... Zaxby's

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Zee 1st thing I thought of for my Z is for... post for ABC Wednesday was using the character of Zsadist from the J. R. Ward vampire novel, but it has no photos of "Z" as he is often referered.

I have a cousin Zach. Zach was actually named after the character Dr. Zachary Smith of the "Lost in Space" tv fame. Thank goodness he is nothing like the character!

I had a favorite blouse that had a zebra collar and matching cuffs. The rest was hot pink silk. Silk is not a very sturdy material. It tends to split easily and come apart as this one did which is why I said had. I have photos of it somewhere taken on a birthday. I even bought a zebra frame to put the photo inside.

I began looking through the dictionary for z words. I knew I was being my usual zany self with my thoughts about this z post, showing my zeal and zest for life.

Now I could have began with the infamous line, "What's your sign?" from the 70's. My zodiac sign is Capricorn. What's your's?

Then I thought of where I have submitted some of my ideas and photographs. I need to do more to that.

Last Thursday we picked up supper from Zaxby's. I got a side of chicken zalad and spicey mushrooms. It was in the zone.

Speaking of Zaxby's, I have a funny story to tell... I had to pay a bill for Don after work after yet another Illy Nilly episode in the saga of "As the Prison Door Slams". I knew there was a Zaxby's nearby where I paid the bill. Acting like a spy, I pulled into a new eatery's parking lot across from Zaxby's, in an attempt to get close to Zaxby's sign. Not only was I going in the wrong way towards the drive-thru, I was seen by church friends. I was trying to turn around without being seen by them, but no such luck. They saw me so I waved. I backed on out and drove over into Zaxby's parking lot which I should have done in the beginning. I parked on the other side of a car out of the view of my friend's car. I got the above photo after the 3rd try. This was the best one. I liked the fact that the neon was begining to glow. As I was pulling out, I saw my friends were still sitting in their car! I knew they thought I was a loon and were probably wondering what I was doing. I am sure they will ask me about it at church tonight. I could never be a spy, a sneak, or a cheat because I'd get caught just like I did yesterday. Not that I would be one of those beings anyway.

Ironically I had more spicey mushrooms from Zaxby's today. So I guess my Z is for... is for Zaxby's.

I almost completely forgot about zentangles. Go to to see what they are. Even a 7 year old can do these. Some other excellent examples zentangles are at Janet's blog The Lavendar Loft. Go to

If you would like to participate in ABC Wednesday Z is for... please go to the following...


Jo said...

Hey...!! My zodiac sign is Capricorn too! When's your birthday?

I had to close down my other blog because it was being "monitored" by a family member. It felt creepy. So I have a new blog now, and you can link to it through this comment. I hope to see you!

Bear Naked said...

Well you certainly had a difficult time trying to get a photo for ABC Wednesday Z.
I guess I was lucky to have my Z bear in my collection.

Bear ((( )))

Katney said...

So did you get some chicken?

Denise said...

Will check it out, the new blog! Great to have you aboard! The chicken...did it happen?

Ackworth Born said...

zintilating ztory - you are now making me feel hungry.

becky voyles said...

Jo, so sorry you had to close down your blog due to a family member. I have commented on your new one. Thanks for continuing to blog. Yes, you will be seeing me and thanks for adding me to your blogroll. Thanks bear naked for your comment. I'll check your's out in a few. Katney & Denise, ironically, no, I did not get chicken from there but Chick Fil-A! LOL Ackworth loved the "zintilating"!

John said...

Lovely Z post, Becky!
My sign is Leo.

becky voyles said...

Thanks, John. Some of my best friends are Leos

Paulie said...

Capricorn here also. . . sorry I missed this Wednesday but am here now.

You certainly found a lot of Z ideas! Hey , sometimes we do almost anything to get a photo. You done good!