Saturday, July 19, 2008

3rd Robbery

Well, we have been robbed a 3rd time now! Don came in the back way yesterday evening and discovered his long bed trailer he used to cart his 4 wheeler to the woods was no longer residing with us. The police couldn't find us at 1st & had to call back to get directions. Good thing it was not an emergency! The detective that came out said theives are now stealing such items as this, tearing it apart and selling it as scrap metal. Don doesn't think they will do that with his as it is not even a year old. I told him, "No, they are going to use it to go hunting with all the other hunting stuff they stole from you!" At least he laughed. I have been jumpy all day today.

After checking old emails & responding, I took the computer to be worked on. It should be ready by Wednesday if it is not too bad & should cost only $95. Hope that is a good price. Got the weather text messaging on Don's cell stopped so there should be no more extra charges. Sometimes life sucks then it has it moments you would not trade for all the crab legs in the sea... I ran into a co-worker/friend/fellow vamp reader who turned me on the Black Dagger brotherhood series by J. R. Ward at a used book store. She showed me all sorts of good books. Got Rhett a Batman comic book & I got a free book so I can learn how to draw cartoon characters with BIG eyes. How cool was that? I felt guilty about getting the freebie so I bought Rhett the comic book. I also got my Odd Shot while we were out & about today. I guess my luck is running better than Don's has been lately.


RuneE said...

Sad to hear about loss of that kind. Seems so unnecessary.

imac said...

Sorry to hear about your run of bad luck, hope it gets all sorted out.

Julie says thanks for your kind comments on her painting.

becky voyles said...

Thanks, Runee and Imac.