Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"A Bat Tale" by ~theRAV~


This morning on the way to work, I noticed a church fountain glowing in the sunlight. At work, an old friend gave me a good quote which reminded me I was not what the quote said because I forgot to double bolt the door! I began praying no one would break in again.

Then I thought about how I have not written any poetry lately so I went to e-muse once again. As I was filling in the blanks with descriptive words and revising them for the fourth time, I finally came up with this poem below knowing I would use my Batman and Joker photos taken at 6 Flags last week. I’d sent the Batman close-up out as an email yesterday stating he could make me his Bat woman any time! LOL There is just something about a masked man.... sigh. He reminded me of Ralph of the group
Anthem. I was a groupie a lifetime ago. Maybe because of his long facial structure. I forgot to mention that tidbit to Penny. Wonder if she saw the same thing? Then there is the zoom in shot of the Joker’s face.... it made me want to draw him. I can just picture it in my mind... but I am not revealing my total idea here.

At first Rhett thought the Joker was too scarey to have his photo taken with him last
Friday. The other kids had their picture taken with him so Rhett saw the character would not bother him. Coincidentally, a guy handed the Joker a joker playing card which he held up in other photos I took. Just not in this one. Who knew a photo could lead to an unexpected post as well as inspire a poem?

I may not have created any art this week, but I am tooting my own horn about these
photos and my new poem today. Can’t wait to email to my friend Mike who his a BIG
Batman fan.

“A Bat Tale”

The green black waters in the wishing well
overflows with an evil so intense
It smells like death warmed over thrice.
There are inky black skies over Gotham’s only church fountain
with a hazy green glow on the clouds outer edges.
Yet there is Gotham’s one ray of hope...
A bright beam in the blackness waiting until needed.

Then the Joker arrives all smiles
as if he could stop himself
joking about how well lit he is
in his neon pea green suit and shoes,
glowing peridot underneath his grassy green hair.

The only really putrid part
is the inky midnight green waters bubbling like hot, thick oil
dripping over the wishing well
All wishes gone now.
Overwhelming the unsuspecting Joker.
What is this on his green hued shoe?
The joke is on him
As the Penguin silently awaits in the India inky shadows.
The blackness overflows and runs throughout Gotham’s streets
The entire town becoming the Penguin’s pig sty
The Joker is glued tight to the spot where he stands
Stuck in the muck
Only Batman can clean up.

© ~Becky Bristow Voyles aka theRAV~

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This guy should be in the next Batman movie in my book!

Quote of the day:

Be ever vigilant and smart. ~Carolyn Tidd~

Always remember to double bolt your doors. ~Becky Bristow Voyles~

Today I used a shopping cart at lunch that was totally possessed! It kept wanting to go to the right of it's own accord like a very strong willed naughty child.


Josie said...

Becky, that is incredible! I didn't know you wrote poetry as well. Completely amazing! I have a feeling you are a very talented lady, and you live in the creative part of your brain. I would love to read more of your poetry. It's really good!

becky voyles said...

Thanks, Josie. I like what you said about "you live in the creative part of your brain." Never really thought about it but I guess I do. LOL