Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Book Mark


Yesterday Rhett and I found a bookmark just lying on the ground as if it was waiting for us. We looked around. Not a soul was to be found in our sight. So I picked it up to see what kind of bookmark it was; to see what it said. It said the following:

"Surround yourself with magic and mystery
-from The Spiderwick Chronicles

When I saw it, it sort of reminded me of the antique looking cards I had been making. Maybe it was a sign... instead of just a bookmark. A sign to make more cards and art or incorporate this one in another piece of my art from my heart. I believe I found this for a reason... and not just to view another beautiful piece of artwork. Perhaps to gain a new quote for this quote collector; to gain a new outlook; to reach beyond my physical limits; to read more; to be more inspired; to create more art.

So I was thankful for finding this bookmark. I was thankful the last few days have been quieter at work.

The Black Widow Spider aka Illy Nilly has been given a new name by my friend Ruth... Tarantella! LOL I only put that here since I mentioned The Spider Wick Chronicles. Illy Nilly is such much more fun to type.

What did you find today?
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Paulie said...

Interesting bookmark! I think it was meant just for you!

I also left a comment on ABC Wednesday post.