Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Pot Holes of My Life

I was hoping to have a terrific Tuesday post or one where I tooted my own horn but...

And to think this all started with a quote...

I know this one sounds sort of depressing, but I have to go over potholes daily on my drive to work.

Mondays are the potholes in the road of life.
-Tom Wilson, actor, writer

Some days like today, Tuesday are potholes too.

My friend Bob replied:
How about this one: The potholes of life are unavoidable, but they do teach us to appreciate the smooth part of the ride! Love ya, Bob

Bob, thanks so much for what you said. It was so optomistic & just what I needed. I have had another bad morning. I forgot there was a staff meeting not that it was important or pertained to me. We tend to call them "Dog & Pony Shows". This one was the Illy Nilly or Black Widow Spider (BWS) show. Because certified peace officers are supposed to get a raise, she thinks she is supposed to get one too. She makes more than the rest of us ladies in the office. The Warden refused her request to work a 4 day wk which would have meant she would have been here longer hrs & we so look forward to when she leaves. So she was ticked she wasn't getting her way is trying to cause a stink about it. We knew it was not going to be pleasant today.

Friday Illy Nilly had wanted to start something w/ me about a report I had rec'd which she would not have even known about if she had not opened the mail. I wasn't doing it fast enough for her I guess, but she just needed something to pick about & I was the lucky one. She left early & did not know I couldn't finish it because the deputy warden had not signed it when we left early. Because we got of early for the holiday and she had a dr's appointment thus leaving earlier than us, she now things she is supposed to get off earlier next Friday. She wouldn't let the old secretary do it so why should she she be able to do this? Accounting would not accept the order w/out his signature. I couldn't finish it Monday either because 2 ladies were out.

Yesterday it was just me & her t
here, but she wasn't too bad except for the fact that she stayed out in her car for 20 mins at the time! When she went to lunch, I thought she was going out to her car for another 20. I only saw her keys in her hand. Not her purse. She was gone over 30 but had gone to Burger King. I left her still talking as the big steel door slammed on my way out to lunch & didn't feel the least be sorry about it. She is on her medication again which makes her talk more than I do!

Now 2 other ladies were off yesterday as I said. I had to do some of one of the lady's work. Illy had some talk radio show where all they do is complain blaring loudly so I had Michael Bubble' playing repeatedly to cover it up so I could work. She left at her normal time & I got what I needed to have done of the other girl's work with 15 mins to spare. I have to let my work go to the sidelines which meant the report still had not been completed.

Today I am doing what I couldn't do Thursday & yesterday. I was putting orders in the system the warden told me to put in. I am working diligently minding my own business. Although I heard Illy get ugly on the phone with another lady officer who told her Illy didn't have to get a nasty attitude about it. Of course Illy says she has no attitude. Yeah..., right. Illy has been on the phone with personnel about the 4 day week too.

It is the beginning of our new fiscal year. We can now order supplies. I just have not had time to fix my list to fax yet, but I am waiting to the very last minute on purpose now. I guess someone came up asking for a pen or something so she starts in on that. I made the mistake of saying I have not had time. Then it was like a running list of "Have you done this....? Have you done that...? Is it in the mail? " One she misspoke on because I don't do that task & corrected her on it. Well, one wasn't in the mail slot yet, but I knew would be by before the end of the day so I didn't tell a lie. Anyway I don't like to be asked such like I am a child or the old lady secretary who had alzheimers whom she treated like a dog. I am an adult here who does my job without being supervised. I know what I have to do and I get it done. So I answered her thru my teeth with "YES!" which is what I do when you have pushed me to my limit. She asked me how long it would take me to finish what the warden told me to do. Remember last time she & I clashed, she stressed to me that the warden came first. I should have reminded her of that. Well, I don't know how long it will take me to do something what with the phone ringing, people interrupting me, etc. so I said "When I get thru." which she didn't like at all. She said she didn't ask for sarcasm. Well, she came to the wrong person then.

Then she came out to my desk and threw up everything I ever did wrong in my face. Her's was one I did not want to see. By now I am so mad and couldn't even come back with "At least I don't spend 20 mins at a time in my car!" which would have probably made it even worse. When she finally went away, I went into the dep. warden's office and asked him, "Are you hearing this?" He had his radio on so he did not. She knew I went in there so she is going to start again. Because he wasn't backing me up, I just loudly said, "I am going to the bathroom." I didn't want to go outside and appear as if I were running away from her. I stayed in there awhile until I could calm down. Praying for calmness which thankfully I received.

I have not been this upset since after my accident where my car radiator exploded on me. I had just gone back to work & couldn't not tell my boss at Gayfer's hair salon if I could work the next day without talking to my dr 1st. She too upset em so badly that it sent me to the bathroom only I was in tears then. (I was proud of myself for not crying this bout." I put paper towels down on the floor and sat there for about 15 mins. until I could calm down at Gayfer's.

I have not been this upset in a long while. I was literally shaking because I had so much hate towards her. I took my time in the john. Then I saw my reflection in the mirror and was horrified at my expression. How could I let her get to me like this, make me look like I do? I didn't recognize myself. I am so obvious with my expressions that she knows when she gets my goat. I wish I were one of those people who could mask my feelings like a card player.

I took my S-L-O-W, sweet time about doing all my tasks. Luckily I'd eaten some crackers because I certainly had no appetite. I finished the warden's stuff at 1. I went to lunch even though I still wasn't hungry, but needed to get out of the office for a few. On the way back, I hear this loud bang. I thought I'd blow a tire, but the car wasn't acting like one had blown. I called one of my good male officer friends to come help me because I'd seen a wire hanging under the car. He asked another good male officer & friend to come look too. I'd run over some sort of thick wire, but they were afraid it was tangled around my drive shaft. Luckily it wasn't. Pete listened to the way it sounded to make sure it was ok to drive. I was so thankful for these two guys who are real friends.I guess this was payback for wishing her ill.

The dep warden pulled in as they were working on my car. He joked saying, he "thought Don was trying to tell me something." I said it wasn't Don, but he knew who I meant & laughed. He told me while I was in the restroom, he asked her what was her problem, but that is all he told me. It made me feel somewhat better. Maybe that was why she was humanistic later.

Of course my fries were cold by the time I got back inside from the heat. I am certainly not doing that deodorant commerical where you hold your arms up either! And she acts as if nothing transpired. I hate the fact that I have to answer her, but at least I am not showing her she has gotten to me even though it nearly kills me and I have a dull headache. Better go do my office supply order before she fires me! Maybe I should purposely leave her prongs off the list! LOL

Hee! Hee! The dep. warden decided to hold off on the order to see if anyone else needs anything. I told him I could dance a jig because if she asks me if I placed the order, I can tell her NO! If she even starts, she will have to take it up with him. I love it!!! It doesn't take much to make me happy. I am good now. I have taken some Alleve and my headache is starting to fade.

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