Monday, July 7, 2008

Robbery Dream

On the night of July 3rd, mom's birthday, maybe I ate a bad shrimp at Red Lobster (LOL) into the morning of the 4th, I dreamed we were robbed for the 3rd time. We had a lot of people in the house, but I can't give a specific number. They "felt" like friends and family, but I cannot describe them because they remain faceless as most people do in my dreams unless they are the main characters starring in

The robber was a short, dark haired man w/ sort of longish hair. It was past his ears. He was wearing a baseball with a logo, but don't know what it was, a t-shirt w/ words on it, but don't remember what it said, long blue jean shorts, socks & tennis shoes. He must have had a gun. He was gathering up our belonings, clothes included. As he was doing this, I was wondering what our friends and family were
thinking of at that moment. I got the "feeling" that my Uncle R. F. was there for some reason. (This could have been because our preacher put up a 4th of July Liberty board which has names of a lot of my relatives such as my Granddaddy Bristow, Daddy, Uncle Bert, Uncle Frank and Uncle R. F. to name a few. I'd taken a photo to show Daddy on the night of Mom's birthday.)

Don & I would keep looking at each other as if waiting for some sort of signal so we could make a move to do something to stop this. I felt rather brave like I was supposed to be the one to act. Like I was supposed to be the hero. I always seem to have more power in my dreams. We were able to move around freely. On the pretext of getting something to drink, I planned to get one of my pairing knives out of the drainer in the sink in the kitchen, but the robber was coming by with an armload full of our stuff. Don was taking some sort of weird looking cart w/ even more things behind him, but hating it he was forced to do this.

I ran into the living room & told everyone to get their cell phones and call 911 which they did. Another robber was coming in so I told them to "never mind". I hung up on our phone. This robber was young, in his 20's, well dressed in a country blue colored shirt w/ tiny white pin stripes in it and jeans. He had beautiful highlighted blonde hair. At that moment I absolutely hated highlighted hair!

As he was walking out the back kitchen door, there were shelves that were on the wall that were not normally there in reality. There was only one thing remaining on the shelf. It was an ugly cookie jar w/ black flowers on it. Realizing they had taken all my what-nots, I got very mad and called them a "SOB", but used the whole word! At the same time Don and I saw my cosmetic suitcase which Mamma gave to
me. (It was the luggage set Daddy gave her as an anniversary present the 1st Christmas they were married. It is the very hard type and now considered antiques. Penny & Genie know what I am referring to because they have seen it on our many trips. In reality the robbers must have stolen one of the smallest suitcases because we cannot find it. At least I still have the cosmetic one and the BIG one.) The
cosmetic suit case was open in my dream (I know that means something like I am an open book. LOL)We both knew I had another smaller cosmetic bag filled w/ jewelry in it inside that hard case. At this point, I KNEW I'd fight them over this to the end.

Then I woke up feeling as if I had been robbed. I wrote this down in my journal immediately then read it to Don who just killed himself laughing at me as he always does when I tell him what I dreamed.

I painted my nails & toe nails red, white and blue literally in that manner. One red, one white, one blue and repeated.

On a brighter note, I heard of a new art idea so Rhett & I tried that in a journal Genie gave me for my birthday. We dropped one droplet of paint on the page. I probably did this differently than was instructed as I always do because I'd shut the book then open it after each droplet to see what was forming. I soon realized we had the wings of butterfly on each side. Nail polish even worked because I tried one drop of my "Frankly Scarlett" nail polish. It looked more fuschia than the red that it is inside the bottle. Before the paint could dry, I could envision the body of a butterfly. When the paint dried, I began drawing the body. Of course the face is split in half by the journal. She is a rather chubby thing, but still cute with a smiley face to make you happy when you gaze upon her. I used a Liberty blue paint because it was the 4th for clouds to fill in some of the background rather than coloring the entire sky baby blue with a colored pencil. This was too blue gray for me spoiling her smile so I used a white colored pencil to lighten the dark clouds up a bit. So I was satisfied with it. I will send you the photos later...

We went to Thunder on the Hooch yesterday evening. I sweated enough off my back to shed several inches. LOL We ran into Rhett's church friend, Alex, who rode the rides with him @ 6 Flags so they seemed to have a good time. He has gotten braver about riding rides. Don saw folks he knew but I didn't see anyone except for Savannah, who was Little Miss Phenix City. Later they had a bad Elvis impersonator, but I really enjoyed the songs he sang even if he didn't sound like him. It is hard to take pics of the fireworks w/ a digital as I mentioned in the previous post.

I am not the only weird one... I saw man taking a pic of a Dr. Pepper can on the the brick railing on the PC side of the river and told Don this. Later this guy would sing at the amipitheatre so I guess he is multi-artistic.

All in all it was a good 4th for us. Hope your's was good too.

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