Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Understanding the meaning of Understanding

Well, Illy Nilly didn't have anything to complain about so she found something... I'd taken a message for someone which was not important, major or life threatening. Now this person never comes up to check his messages. One lady was out yesterday & I was doing two jobs. Illy did not know that I stayed 20 mins over to finish up the deposit which I won't get paid for. Otherwise she would have jumped on me for not finishing it. They warned me she was going to say something this morning. Because I was the one who took the message I was expecting the worst from her.

As she was telling me what she'd already told the others, that no messages would be left in the carousel. They must be delivered. So while she is standing at my desk telling me this, I am putting my time rosters in order not looking at her which really ticked her off. She kept asking me if I was listening. Well, I am capable multi-tasking. I can walk & chew gum at the same time. I told her I was listening. The 2nd time she asked if I was listening, she said she was accustomed to people looking at her when she talked. Well, I might if I respected her. So I stopped and looked at her with my eyes really wide and said "Okay. I am looking at you." I knew I was pushing it, but I couldn't help myself. Ironically I'd reminded Don last night about a tax payer complaining because I rolled my eyes at him years ago which seems like a lifetime now. So today I am in "trouble" for not looking at someone. I can't win for loosing. Not that I am feeling sorry for myself. She ended it by saying "We have an understanding." I wanted to say you might, but then she doesn't know the meaning of the word.

Then she said we had to answer the phone by saying our names. At all of my jobs I have worked, I have never said my name. Even if I did, they would never pronounce it correctly. I tried to remind her that the warden had not too long ago told us to answer the phone "The prison. May I help you?" She kept interrupting me as I was trying to say this. I finally was able to repeat that I was only doing what the warden instructed us to do. My hands were shaking at this point, but she couldn't see and I was not backing down when I knew I was in the right.

I went to get my daily rosters and she was in the warden's office being a tattle tale behind closed doors. I have never liked tattle tales. It reminded me of a red headed girl in elementary school. I had to put some papers in his box and I wasn't really eavesdropping, but I heard him agreeing with her probably to passify her while she was in there so she'd leave.

One man came in the office, asked me if the sun was shining on me. I said of course! I knew her german sheppard ears were listening. He cracked a good joke which was what I really needed at that moment so I was thankful for that.

She went outside to her car to smoke so I just had to look up the meaning of the word understanding, but first I had to read the word understand.

understand - v. (1.) To come to know the meaning or import of; apprehend. (2.) Perceive the nature or character of; My dictionary used this sentence which said it all: I do not understand her.
3.) To have comprehension or mastery of. (4.) To be aware of; realize. The sentence they used here was: She understands her position. (HA!) (5.) To have to be told; believe. ( 6.) To take or suppose to mean; infer: How am I to understand that remark? (7.) To accept as a condition or stipulation. (8.) To supply in thought when unexpressed, as a subject of the sentence. (9.) To have an understanding; comprehend. (10.) To be informed; believe. See synonyms under apprehend, know perceive, solve - to understand each other. To be in agreement; to be privately in sympathy with each other. (Again HA!)
-from the New International Webster's Comprehensive Dictionary of the English Language, 1996

While she was out at her car, I read this to the ladies and we all had a good laugh especially about the dictionary's sentences refering to "she". It was as if the dictionary knew....

Coincidentally I came across these words below which fit right in today...

Be different

To make a
difference, you often
must be different. It
takes courage and
confidence to go against
the grain of negativity
that surrounds you, and
such courage can bring
great rewards.
Where others see only
doom and gloom, look
for the bright glimmer
of opportunity. For it is
most certainly there.
When everyone is
looking for someone to
blame for what has
already happened, turn
your focus toward the
future. Exploring the
current possibilities will
create infinitely more
value than arguing over
past failures.
When you encounter
rudeness and irritation,
generously offer your
own polite and
confident patience.
When you bump up
against the arrogance of
another person, melt it
away with your own
sincere, self-assured
Just because everyone is
heading in a negative
direction doesn't mean
you must go that way
too. On the contrary, it's
a valuable opportunity
for you to set a positive
In times of great
difficulty and stress,
choose to be a beacon of
understanding and
positive purpose. Be
different, and you can
truly make a valuable
positive difference.
-- Ralph Marston

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