Monday, July 14, 2008

Alien Odd Shot Monday 7/14/08


I figure I'd better explain this one or you will think it is an alien... or maybe I should let you continue to think it is one... LOL

Last week I was thinking... I need an odd shot or else I would have to resort back to some of my odd trees I haven't posted. Ya'll seem to like those especially DiXymiss. Rhett had spent the day with his friend Alex on Thursday. I had to pick him up at a McDonald's after work. It was pouring down rain. First, Rhett wanted some of their sweet tea. After I got that, then he wanted fries so as I waiting on a happy meal, I saw my odd shot for this week... I thought their lights were neat in an odd way. As I walked up closer and zoomed in, I captured a fly on the light. How cool was that? I thought maybe you couldn't see the fly but I looked at it once I posted it to the blog and you can.

If you would like to partipate in Odd Shot Monday, please go to the following...
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diXymiss said...

I have indeed enjoyed your tree piX, Becky. This shot is cool too, eXcept... Now a silly song is buzzing around in my head: "I know an old lady who swallowed a fly, but I don't know why she swallowed a fly, perhaps she'll die...?" ;-)

Texas Travelers said...

Nice odd shot.
Beautiful colors and perfect exposure.

Well done.

Thanks for the visit,
Troy and Martha

PS: I like your post above.
Grandpa used to say, "Don't let anyone make you mad just because they are an a** hole. Don't come down to their level".

dot said...

Hi Becky! I like your odd shot and I do see the fly. I read your above post also and my thought is why is there always someone on a job who ruins it for others?
Did you go to see the doll house grave in Lanett on your visit in Ala? If not check it out next time. Just google Alabama doll house grave.

Dragonstar said...

This is a fun Odd Shot. I never seem to find things like this.

becky voyles said...

Thanks for all your comments. Sorry you have that silly song in your head DiXymiss. LOL Thanks Texaas Travelers for the compliments, the comments and the visit. Glad your read my post. I like what your Grandpa said. LOL
Dot, if we knew the answer to your question, we'd all be rich. We did not see that the grave you were referring to but I did google it as well as passed the info on to my friends esp those into geneology. Thanks for that as well as your comments. Wwll, Dragonstar, I hope some odd shots will come your way soon...