Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Never Hide & Jessica


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I would like for you to read a post on a very,very talented writer/photographer's blog that struck a chord with me on Monday. It was one of THE most inspiring post I have read in awhile as if fell on the heels of my latest bit of good news. It was something I needed to hear/read at this stage where I am at a new crossroads in my life as I put my whole foot in the water to wade into the world of art as an artist. I felt compelled to share it with you... please go to

On Monday I went to pay a bill only to discover Webkins are now sold at JCPenney's and Dillard's. Rhett has two so he is really into them. I found one I liked at Dillard's. It was a tannish colored coker spaniel with the prettiest curly hair. I even preferred it over a black poodle, but I think it was due to the quality of the hair and the cute curls. So I bought myself one to share with Rhett.

Then I was attempting to get my cheap sunglasses fixed at Lenscrafter's because I'd lost the screw on one side. My sunglasses fit over my glasses. I know it sounds cheap, but I have done this for years and saved a lot of money which is always a good thing. I used to have a black pair trimmed in hot pink which I loved and lost. Not being successful at replacing them with a similar pair, I settled for what fit; what was cheaper at Walmart. My mom has a pair exactly like the ones I wear now so I have to be careful not to pick up her's as she needs them far worse after cataract surgeries on both eyes.

As this nice lady was trying to find the right screw to fit without much success, I saw a sign that said, "NEVER HIDE" and asked her if I could take a picture of it. Unfortunetly my photo did not turn out. It was so dark, it looked like it said, "Never Hid". Oh, well... I knew she thought she had a real nut case sitting in the seat, but she told me I could take it with a "why would you want to" look on her face. Then she went to get a small box of tools. She told me I made her get out her surgical instruments so this would cost an office visit of $25. Gullible me believed her as I told her the glasses didn't cost that much! She laughed & told me she was kidding. Whew! After minor surgery, she was able to fix them good as almost new and even cleaned the lenses to boot. All for free. Actually two freebies in one day. First the sign then my glasses. My lucky day. Guess my guardian angel was watching over me.

So I told Rhett I had a surprise for him waiting in the car. He was so excited that I had my own Webkins now. I was rattling off my name choices to him. I actually thought the pup looked more like a male dog, but I played around with mostly girl names. I thought of Millicent, but call her "Milli" or "Milly Vanilly V" but that brought up memories of the singing group and I said Nah. When I told Rhett it looked more like a boy dog, he said, "How about Vinny V?" That did not do much for me. Even though a week ago I told him if we got a black guard dog, we should name him Elvis. He asked me why that came out of the blue? Who knew?

I just have trouble deciding on names. Even as I did Rhett's when he was born. I knew I wanted the Rhett part and that is who he is now. Although he was wanted to change it to Drake as is "Josh & Drake" on Nick tv. Which brings up an funny memory that makes me laugh so hard I am crying as I type this; just as hard as the day it happened... Don was getting onto Rhett about misplacing the remote. Rhett said he didn't have it or had not used it. Don told him he did because he changed the channel to "Josh & Stupid". I lost it. I became my grandmother laughing that silent belly laugh with tears coming out of my eyes. Rhett saw me laughing and cracked up also.

So as Rhett was holding my new nameless dog, I thought of Jessica and call her Jessie for short. Not very original I know, but neither would Molly or Maggie be any more original. So he helped me adopt her on line on the Webkins site. Now I have 3 more passwords I have to remember although I do have them written down. He was going too slow for me looking for what I wanted in her room. I'd know it when I saw it so I took over the mouse. I bought her something to eat, some water, gave her a pink bedroom and bought her a pink bed to match. I was good. Rhett asked, "Don't you want to buy her some blueberries?" Now why would I want to buy a dog blueberries? So we let Jessica go to sleep until the next time...

The next morning I was telling my co-worker about Jessica when I realized she had a real life one like her named Bella who got ran over. Funny that I'd told Rhett this morning as we were walking out to the car that I probably should have named her Bella. I asked him if I could change it. He is not sure if it could be done.

Later I thought I should have named him Ashley due to Rhett's name. I hate it when I am indecisive like this. It reminds me of a wishey-washy woman I used to work with years ago.

In thinking of a title for this, the song "How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?" came to mind. So what do you think this doggie's the name should be?

I also had a free lunch at work. They were serving barbecue chicken which is the only thing I will eat that they cook now.

I have reached the anniversary of my blogging for a few years now and well as the year mark of getting my digital camera, but I did not start posting photos until around September of last year. Yesterday I finally added a counter to my blog, but I put it on a certain page and don't know how to change it. So I guess I will have to keep going back to that page to see how many hits I got.

This morning I took these photos of Jessica. I took her to work with me to show my co-worker. I have her sitting on some paperwork. Hope she doesn't go on it! LOL

Quotes of the Day:

Friends are everwhere!
-Peter R. Stone-
(Thank goodness!)

Most of what my friends have been telling me since my bit of good news have been along the lines of this quote...

Just go out there and do what you've got to do.
~Martina Navratilova~

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