Wednesday, April 30, 2008

O is for... Original

Oh, I was going to stop at the nightclub OXYGEN only to take a photo of the neon sign outside with it's name on it. But it would have been in broad daylight on Broadway. The neon would not be lit up or as effective. So I offed that idea.

Monday I had to make the deposit for work. Our bank is inside Publix. Afterwards I wondered on through the aisles in search of things that began with the letter O, finding oodles of them. I love the word oodles. I found oranges and orange juices. Oranges made me thing of ovals and I was seeing many oval-shaped objects.

I had thought of photographing opals at in a jewelry store, but did not follow through with that idea either. My train of thoughts led me to our dear church friend Theopal's unusual name. Oh, I also remembered I almost photographed an expensive designer's blouse. The designer's first name began with an O but I don't remember what it was now nor had I heard of her before. Oh, I also thought of photographing an Army tombstone of a man's name that began with Otho, but passed on that one too. What would the odds be of one of his relatives seeing his name here on my blog?

I digressed. Back to the grocery aisles... Oh, I saw Oh's cereal and O'Doul's beer. An odd combinations, don't you think? Oh, then I remembered good ole Quaker oats for making oatmeal. And last but not least, olive oil. Of course olive oil reminds me of Olive Oyl from the Popeye cartoons.

Oh, how I pondered over my o's... then it hit me... when I took the photo of the Publix brand of oj, it had the word "original" on it. Orginal, h-m-m-m... I am an orginal. What could I do that would be orginal? Oh, that is why I have not posted any of my orginal artwork I created over the weekend. Unfortunetly, my memory stick wouldn't work so I cannot post the pictures of my objects d'art here today. Sorry.

I went in search of a new memory stick. I went to 2 Walmarts and a Wolf camera. I bought one at Wolf, but cannot get it to work causing me to have an Exederine Headache #30010. I hope to get a new one tomorrow so I can upload my orginal art.

So how were you orginal today? What O's did you observe? Did you meet the obligation or fail miserably as I did? Were you as obssessed as I was especially to find a memory stick in order post photos? Did you rise to the occasion? Okay I'll stop now. I have to make an appointment with the optomotrist. Then watch Oprah. Did I omit anything?

Hope you had an outstanding day. Did I over-do it? Have you overdosed on my O's? Is it overkill? I think not. Just having a bit of fun. Over and out.


mrsnesbitt said...

OH this was so original! I too get obsessed with what to choose. Right now my head is full of "P" ideas! Lets see what happens by next Wednesday! LOL!

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