Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Pin & Double Drawing


Not to be showing off my top, but I am in a way... LOL I got this blouse for Mother's Day last year. I usually put my sunglasses where this pin is located and I liked the way it brought the blouse downward. Friday morning even after breaking my little toe for the 3rd or 4th time on the free standing clothes rack in our bedroom, hollering and no one came to see about me, Rhett said he heard me but did not bother to get out of bed. Thanks a lot. I will remember that next time he is crying about a boo boo.

I tried looking for my favorite paisley shaped rhinestone pin my Aunt Pearl gave me years ago, but couldn't find it or the jacket I thought it was on. When I got off work, I went to one of those oriental hair places looking for a pin. They really did not have anything like I wanted. So I explained to the lady sales clerk what I was searching for. She showed me some decorative bobby pins! They had several varying designs and I asked if I could try them on my blouse. She said I could. I couldn't get it to work right so she helped me by folding my blouse up like shearing which I think is the correct term. Some did not show up on the shirt due to the design in it. Then I found THE ONE and this is it... It only cost $1.59 plus tax which was far cheaper than buying a pin. I had just enough cash on me for it so it was fate. I love it when that happens. I was so happy. I may even go back to buy more of them on payday. That is what I do... get obssessed with something.

It was like I had this one idea in my mind and nothing else would do until I found it. Its like a long stretch of black highway leading to that one thing. Like a horse wearing blinders focusing on what is ahead; that one thing; that one pin. I know how I want something to look. I remember doing this with t-shirts with my Aunt Pearl's help. I was the designer, she was the seamstress. So this is another Becky design. It would also be an inexpensive gift for someone.


Yesterday I read Leah's blog where she showed what she'd learned at an Artfest. http://www.creativeeveryday.com/creativeeveryday/2008/04/imaginary-monst.html

So I tried it. I started on a small scale on a yellow sticky note. I used a thick, black Pilot G-2 #10 pen and my favorite Zebra SARASA pen in navy blue 0.7 on the right. Now I am right handed and if I use my left hand, I look like I am learning how to write all over again. LOL My mom used to be ambidexterous so I did not inherit that gene. So you can imagine since my eyes were closed as I doodled this...

I was not real happy with my results, but I could see birds and red hearts so I colored them. As usual I didn't exactly follow the rules - I cheated. I went back and added things with my right hand today. So maybe my art is better if I let it sit overnight. LOL I added squiggly lines, but they created a continuity so hopefully I am forgiven. I saw them as blue waves and went with that. This is my 2nd doodling using these squigglies. It was two separate entities to begin with, but I joined them which I think is a good thing. It is a piece of art that if you turn it another direction, you can see something else. I am not sure if that has a name. Still I created art and that makes me feel good even if it looks like a mess. Of course my eyes are drawn to the blue squiggly waves. It looks a lot better here than it did on my work computer. Go figure. Please see my India Ink Doodle of the day...
to see the similiarities in my swirls.

So I could toot my own horn just for creating some more art today. If you would like to toot your own horn, please go to the following:

Thanks, Anne for preferring my artwork over others. That made my day. Of course you may not prefer this one. LOL

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latree said...

that's a wonderful drawing!

becky voyles said...

Thanks, latree!

Luke Wiley said...

cool drawing...nice post!
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Paulie said...

Your new "jewelry" looks like the body of a butterfly with that outfit!

becky voyles said...

Thanks for the compliment, Luke. I thought the same thing, Paulie.

MarieY said...

Awesome looking jewelry!

becky voyles said...

Thanks, Mariey.