Wednesday, April 23, 2008

N is for...


Now N is for THE most famous Nazarene in the history of the world. Jesus Christ, our Savior. I hope you know him. I hope he is a friend to you as well as apart of your life. If not, I hope he will be someday...

My mom had this piece of cloth with the face of Jesus on it in her laundry room hanging off some folded clothes for days and days. Each time I would walk in the back door, I would see it. She finally put it in a sack of things I was taking home with me one day. I guess she figured I could do something with it. So I took this photo and decided to use it here today as one of my N words.

I'd put this scrap of Jesus on a piece of blue construction paper where I drew designs in the corner, but liked this shot better. I think I will use the one I just described tomorrow on my Thankful Thursday post - if I do one.

Then I thought of our son-in-law, named Nathan, or Nate as we sometimes call him, but I did not have a good recent photo of him. Need to take one. I also have a 2nd cousin named Nathan.

As I previously stated in my past couple of posts, Friday was a very good day for me. I remembered there was a hot dog place sort of near where I work. It is inside Brewster's ice cream.


It is called Nathan's famous hot dog's. So I got directions and called in my order, passing on someone getting me my all time favorite Italian sandwich from Firehouse Subs. It was neat going to a new place for a change of scenery. As I parked I realized this was an N word and began taking pictures while giggling with glee at my good fortune.


Once back at work, I decided it was the best hot dog I have had in a while. All beef with chili and onions with great french fries. I'd gobbled it down before I realized it, without taking a photo of the dog itself. So I sort of collaged the Nathan's sack and the yellow bag that held the fries. They had this neat red fork that reminded me of a tiny pitchfork, but it only had two tines. I had sort of been playing around with fork, trying to come up with an artistic idea, but it has not come to fruition yet. I even took a photo of me holding the fork with pink fingernail polish, but it did not do a whole lot for me.

If you would like to participate in N is for... ABC Wednesday, please go to the following:
where you will find a very intereesting post about her name. Anne, I think you will like it. Josie, if you are reading this, please see my next post about my nasty Black Widow Spider incident today! LOL

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