Wednesday, April 2, 2008

K is for Kin




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Although I am always on the look out for different kinds of things to photograph and I probably could have found a kaledoscope of K's, but due to my Uncle Bert's death, my heart just wasn't in it with my usual spirit and zest.

I collect keys especially old skeleton keys. I have them hanging in my home. I even place keys on our Christmas tree and have been laughed at for doing it by a not so nice person. I believe I must have been a chatelaine in another life, complete with a set of keys to castle dangling from my belt. I was the keeper of keys and still am. Since I got married I complained about the increase in number of keys I have now. The more ornate the keys, the better in my book. I even have a set of jailer's keys.

From the moment I posted my J words last week, I wondered what K words I'd find and use. The first K word that came to my mind was the word kin and how important they are to me. Even more so now. I still had the photos from Easter I had not posted yet or written about. These are the top two and THE most important to me. The key to my existance. So I knew I would use them in my K post.

I did find some K items in the grocery line, but I could only upload these photos of my kin so I figure it was meant to be. It is kismet. Those I found at the grocery were unknown to me and I was excited about them thinking no one else would have any like them in their K posts. I'll save them for next time...

My cousin Ben was so wonderful to his mom during his father's death. I saw a whole loving side to him I'd never seen before. He kept kissing us. I came across this 3rd photo of him that I took with my Minolta many moons ago. I think that photo is the nearest to perfection I have taken. It is one of my favorites of him and I am proud that I took it. Of course Ben has a lot less hair now. LOL So I captured him at his best. A perfect moment in our lives. Ben has a daughter named Kirby. She is the one throwing the ball. After the funeral, I took pictures of his kids and my cousin John's kids who I'd never seen until yesterday. A Kodak Moment.

I had not taken photos at the rosary or the funeral because it just didn't feel right to me. I probably should have because mom's oldest living sister came from Montgomery and it may be her last trip here. But I have no regrets about it. Some of our kin that attended the rosary couldn't come back for the funeral. My Uncle's daughter did not come at all. I could write a book about my kooky kinfolk!

Today I came up with my own Quote of the Day:

There is nothing more important than kin and friends.~Me~

I sent this out as an email this morning & received several Amens back.

I tried to do more tape art, but nothing really worked. It was just not meant to be. I was meant to be with kin and take Kodak moments. I know my Uncle Bert was smiling down on our kinship yesterday and blowing the rain clouds away just as I know he is square dancing in Heaven.

Today I am thankful I am the kind of person and daughter that I am... faithful and true. One who knows the right things to do; one who knows what is important.

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Kijar said...
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mrsnesbitt said...

i am reading this at 5 minutes before midnight.
What a wonderful K post to read.
This is what ABC Wednesday is all about!

Thanks so much, and sorry to hear of your family bereavement!


Diana said...

wow, you've got lots of K's!

Andrea said...

Lot's of K's here. Kin are great. I treasure my family.

Katney said...

You've written well about your Ks--your kin, and your Uncle Bert, he is certainly proud of you.

Kim said...

I'm sorry for your loss, thank you for taking the time to participate this week. I really enjoyed reading your post.

Janet said...

Kin is a great choice for K. They are an important part of all of us.

becky voyles said...

Thanks for all your kind comments. So glad you liked my K is for Kin post. That made me feel good.